50 Unusual Christmas Gifts For The Weird & Wonderful

Give the gift of oddity with these strange and weird Christmas gifts

No matter who you’re shopping for, everyone is bound to get overwhelmed with the same old boring presents (socks, gift cards, mugs, etc.) that they’ve received year after year. Change it up a bit, and give the gift of oddity.

Giving strange unusual Christmas gifts is smart; it eliminates the worry that your gift recipient won’t already have the thing! Of course, weird and geeky Christmas presents should be chosen with good taste, tailored to the person you’re buying for. Exploit inside jokes, odd characteristics, or connections that you have with the person when choosing an odd product to gift them. 

Make sure to check out our list of 85 unusual stocking stuffers to gift this year once you're done with this gift guide! You'd be glad you did!

The Ultimate List of Weird Christmas Gifts

Poo Emoji Mug

1. Poo Emoji Mug

It’s hard to start a Monday morning in a bad mood when you’re drinking your coffee out of a poop emoji mug. Even adults have to admit that this is their favorite emoji of all time, so your friend will be delighted by this weird gift.
Beard Ski Mask

2. Beard Ski Mask

Going skiing or boarding anytime soon? Rock out in style with this fashionable, waterproof mask and have all the heads turning your way
Ghost Pepper Nuts

3. Ghost Pepper Nuts

Get ready to grab some milk, because these nuts have some serious kick to them! These things are addicting to say the least - a must try and one of the best Christmas gift ideas for men who love spicy food.
Thug Kitchen Cookbook

4. Thug Kitchen Cookbook

Really? A cookbook as a Christmas gift for men? Yes! This cookbook is not just any cookbook. It's hilarious; the recipes are delicious. And we guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
Exploding Kittens Game

5. Exploding Kittens Game

The hottest new game on the market is packed with kittens, lasers, explosions, and many more surprises. Get ready to laugh-out-loud and strategize as you try to avoid the exploding kitten card and survive. Exploding Kittens is the most-backed project ever on Kickstarter.
Star Wars Lightsaber

6. Star Wars Lightsaber

Feel the force with the most authentic Star Wars lightsaber toy out there. It uses accurate sounds and lighting, plus comes with a lightdagger. Any Star Wars fan will enjoy this great toy.
ArcEnCiel Kid's Backpack

7. ArcEnCiel Kid's Backpack

Every kid needs a backpack that is not only functional but shows off their unique personality. The whimsical robot design looks cool and has all the room and pockets for your kids most prized possessions.
Talking Chewbacca Mask

8. Talking Chewbacca Mask

The toy that had everyone racing to the stores can be all yours. Kids of all ages and adults too, have found so much joy putting on the mask and creating the best wookiee sounds.
Weird Love Pillows

9. Weird Love Pillows

Tell your bed-mate exactly how you feel. These soft-as-can-be pillows will have both of you jumping on the bed with excitement. Jump with caution as you may fall off and bump your head.
The One Ring Necklace from The Lord of The Rings

10. The One Ring Necklace from The Lord of The Rings

Sauron’s going to be after you when he finds out that you have found the one. Be sure to make it official with your girlfriend this The Lord of the Rings ring, The One Ring. The ring may be Isildur’s bane, but you have the only power that can affect your woman.
Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

11. Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

Love can surpass a loud snore in the middle of the night but, it should not have too. Catch ‘em all with this Snorlax Bean Bag Chair; we’re talking Z’s here. Seek serenity with a quiet place to escape the torturous noise and provide a sweet reminder to your little Pokémon in your life.
Thumb Piano

12. Thumb Piano

Even your most creative, musical friend won’t be expecting a thumb piano on his or her next birthday. This is the ideal gift for that friend who is always humming a tune or picking up random guitars to strum a few bars. Now, your friend can make weird, plucky music wherever he or she goes!
Owl Eyeglasses Holder

13. Owl Eyeglasses Holder

A silly eyeglasses holder is an excellent gift for a visually challenged friend. Not only is this gift adorable, but it’s functional too! Your friend won’t waste time fumbling around his nightstand for his glasses before a late-night bathroom break anymore.
Rubber Band Gun

14. Rubber Band Gun

Fidgety friends will love this rubber band gun because it’ll keep their restless hands busy. You can choose from a variety of targets (including zombies and Star Wars villains) to customize this gift just for your friend.
Shower Steamer Packs

15. Shower Steamer Packs

Your friends won’t be expecting these aromatherapy steamer packs, but they’ll surely appreciate them. Use this gift as a gentle way to say, “Chill out!” to your stressed friends during finals week, before their wedding, or right after a new baby is born.
Harry Potter Clutch

16. Harry Potter Clutch

Your Harry Potter obsessed sister will love this cute, unique Mischief Managed purse. The oversized clutch will go perfectly with her wand and cape and is large enough to fit a few potion vials.
Skeleton Love Print

17. Skeleton Love Print

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that will stand out from all of the cutlery and towels, get your newlywed pals this ‘Til Death Do We Part print. Your friends will love getting a gift that expresses the timeless nature of their love.
Buffalo Bob’s Wild Game Jerky

18. Buffalo Bob’s Wild Game Jerky

Men seem to love getting beef jerky as a gift, but this is no ordinary sampler pack. Test your brother's limits with unusual jerky strips and sticks made of kangaroo and alligator meat. If he’s not up for the exotic varieties, don’t worry, the usual beef and venison sticks are in there too.
Vintage Art Print

19. Vintage Art Print

Maybe you’re not artistically skilled enough to paint an image with words of a corgi riding a velociraptor that your friend needs, no question about it. Don’t worry. We found out someone has already done it for you. Complete your friend’s life in just a couple clicks!
The Beauty of Horror: a GOREgeous Coloring Book

20. The Beauty of Horror: a GOREgeous Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are all the rage, but this is no ordinary coloring book. If you have a friend who loves scary movies, this would be the ideal, weird coloring book for her. The intricate, creepy images will keep her busy for months! Throw in a fresh set of colored pencils or markers to complete the gift.
You’re Weird: A Journal for Misfits

21. You’re Weird: A Journal for Misfits

Sometimes, it’s not the gift that’s weird, it’s the person. Life without a few oddball friends would be exceedingly dull, so show the strange lady or fella in your life how much you appreciate his or her quirks with this journal and activity book.
Mini Quadcopter Drone

22. Mini Quadcopter Drone

No matter how old you are, everyone loves playing with drones these days. The Holy Stone RC Drone is an awesome gift for those who want to experience the joy of flying a drone around the neighborhood or on your next trip.
Around The World In Knitted Socks

23. Around The World In Knitted Socks

Stephanie van der Linden incorporates design elements from traditional textiles all over the world to bring global designs to your feet. I’m almost positive this is not appropriation, but I’m open to debate.
Pickle Ornament

24. Pickle Ornament

Whether you want to help your pickle-obsessed friend celebrate their love of the tangy and salty or you want to play find the pickle on Christmas (it’s a real tradition, honest, read the description), this cucumber is the top pickle for our Christmas ornaments!
Chromatic LED Watch

25. Chromatic LED Watch

Want to confuse your colorblind friend? Make sure they’re always late or at least confused why half the watch is the same color, with this watch. Ensure your non-colorblind friends feel like they’re in the future all day long while discerning between hours of the day like “red” and “magenta.”
Poké Ball Waffle Maker

26. Poké Ball Waffle Maker

Kids from the 90s will love making waffles in the shape of a Poké Ball. While it might not actually help them catch ‘em all, they’ll love pretending that there’s a Charmander or Squirtle inside their breakfast.
Giant Plush Microbes

27. Giant Plush Microbes

While you might be cautious about offering just anyone the kissing disease, we find these sick microbes can charm anyone! If you’ve got someone in your life who’s a real medical superstar, let them know with a MRSA plush! However, always—ALWAYS—rethink the leech as a gift.
Unicorn Sequin Pillow

28. Unicorn Sequin Pillow

Has your friend recently moved into a new apartment or home? If so, she’ll be expecting you to bring over a bottle of wine or a houseplant on your first visit. Instead, get her this cute unicorn sequin pillow as a surprising housewarming gift this Xmas. She’ll love mindlessly playing with the sequins while she unwinds at night.
Jellyfish Lamp

29. Jellyfish Lamp

A colorful jellyfish lamp is the relaxation gift that your stressed-out friend never knew he needed. Watching the jelly’s tendrils float through the color-changing water will soothe away even the toughest day at the office. Get him a great bottle of bourbon to go with it, and you’ll be his favorite friend forever!
Shave and Play Barbie

30. Shave and Play Barbie

Some people just don’t know what it’s like to have the hair genes. Let them finally experience the morning routine in the life of a hairy person with this Barbie! She’s anything but a traditional beauty.
Beard Ornaments

31. Beard Ornaments

After No-Shave November, the men in your life might be wondering what to do with their beards. Help them get into the Christmas spirit and save on sweaters with these ornaments. They’ll bring the Christmas Spirit with them everywhere they go!
Cat Butt Tissue Holder

32. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Tired of tissue holders that are done, tacky, even boring as a gift? Check out this cat tissue holder. One of the most unique Christmas gifts, It’s got everything. Cats, style, fun, tissues on demand! Could you ask for more from a tissue box? No.
Moochie the Slacker Sloth

33. Moochie the Slacker Sloth

Help your loved ones realize their inner dreams with Moochie. When our teachers asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, we drew Moochie the Slacker Sloth. Give someone the gift of being able to see their goals realized!
Squatting Garden Gnome

34. Squatting Garden Gnome

Do you know an old soul who’s tired of people on their lawn? Ensure nobody will cross their lawn ever, ever, ever again with this gnome! This easy gift will protect their lawn so they can rest assured it’s safe, regardless of whether they’re at home or not.
Hedgehog Light Up

35. Hedgehog Light Up

Do you know anyone who wishes they had a girlfriend to binge watch dramas late into the night with? Help them out with this hedgehog plush. Together, they’ll catch stray snacks and cuddle long well into the morning hours!
Unicorn Wall Light

36. Unicorn Wall Light

Let’s be honest. You’ll never catch a unicorn. Not with that dinky sword from that garage sale. Let someone else do it right, and still treat your loved ones to the unicorn trophy they’ve always dreamed of. When you factor in the time and cost of unicorn hunting, this is a steal.
Bed Prism Lazy Glasses

37. Bed Prism Lazy Glasses

Do you know somebody who’s always bending their head to look down on you? Save them the trouble! These glasses can help them stay ergonomic while they express their disappointment from above! They are also practical, allowing you to watch TV even with a runny nose.
Mermaid Tail Blanket

38. Mermaid Tail Blanket

If your girlfriend loves to cozy up with a book, make her reading time more exciting with a cute mermaid blanket. She’ll be warm and snug, and you might even catch her humming ‘Under the Sea’ to herself.
Buffalo Horn Mug

39. Buffalo Horn Mug

Your search for the best weird Christmas gift for your boyfriend or male friend ends here. If he loves Game of Thrones or any other epic fantasy story, he’ll LOVE this buffalo horn mug. Make sure that you include a pint of ale to go with it!
Road Rage Megaphone

40. Road Rage Megaphone

Now you can let that jerk who cut you off how you really feel by screaming at them with the Road Rage Megaphone. The perfect gift to help with your road rage and let other drivers hear a piece of your mind.
Potty Putter Toilet Golf Game

41. Potty Putter Toilet Golf Game

Going to the bathroom has never been this fun as the Potter Putter golf game game offers plenty of entertainment. It comes with its own putting green, cup with flag, two golf balls, putter and \'Do Not Disturb\' door hanger to offer more practice time.
Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

42. Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

Never drink spoiled wine again thanks to a vacuum pump that extracts the air from an opened bottle and seals it up with a rubber stopper. It will click when you know it's sealed tight and make every glass taste as good as the first.
Sloth Tea Infuser

43. Sloth Tea Infuser

Easily one of the coolest tea infusers out there is the Sloth figure from Fred & Friends. It hangs on the side of your cup and slow brews your tea for the perfect taste. Don't forget to check out the best tea lovers gift guide here!
Telescopic Back Scratcher

44. Telescopic Back Scratcher

A tool that helps scratch all the spots you can't normally reach. The Bear Claw is everyone's favorite back scratcher as it can extend to 23 inches and is easily portable.
Wonder Woman Cape Socks

45. Wonder Woman Cape Socks

A super comfortable and stylish knee high sock designed with the classic Wonder Woman logo and red cape to complete the look.
Stainless Steel Keychain Flask

46. Stainless Steel Keychain Flask

Enjoy your favorite spirits on the go with a miniature flask that fits right on your keychain. Made with stainless steel and has a twist off cap so you're always ready for some liquid courage.
Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls

47. Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls

Whether you're hosting a party or prepping a big meal, these flexible pinch bowls are life savers. Perfect for holding any herbs, condiments, or sauces; simply pinch the bowl and each item pours out effortlessly.
Tabasco Spicy Chocolate Wedges

48. Tabasco Spicy Chocolate Wedges

For the people that can't say no to chocolate and hot sauce, what better gift than this tin of chocolate wedges made with real tabasco sauce. Want more spicy gift ideas? Click here, we have a ton!
Temporary Metallic Tattoos

49. Temporary Metallic Tattoos

A gift great for any party or celebration. With a variety of beautiful designs from diamonds, feathers, and other creative patters, these temporary tattoos are sure to be a hit.
Sriracha Bottle Keychain Combo Pack

50. Sriracha Bottle Keychain Combo Pack

Now you can have hot sauce wherever you go. Sriracha goes good on just about everything and now you can put it on everything thanks to this travel size bottle.
Spout Designed Bookmark

51. Spout Designed Bookmark

For the bookworms out there, this sprout green bookmark from Fred & Friends helps you keep track of your progress and is small enough to even mark the last line you read. Plus, they're pretty darn cute too.

Unusual Weird Gifts | FAQs

Why give weird Christmas gifts?

Unusual gifts can be pragmatic (sometimes, too practical), innovative (to the point of you asking just what went on in its creators’ mind), or absolutely, positively, outrageously ridiculous. In any case, odd Christmas gifts are anything but boring, and they’re sure to be unforgettable!

Of course, weird Christmas gifts should be chosen with good taste, tailored to the person you’re buying for.

What are some great quirky but practical gifts?

There are plenty of quirky but practical gifts out there that would make great presents for loved ones. Some examples include personalized coasters, key chains, and kitchen gadgets. These gifts are both practical and quirky, which makes them perfect for any occasion. So if you're stumped for a gift idea, don't worry - just go for a quirky but practical option!