30 Romantic Birthday Gifts For Her

Are you a great guy looking for romantic birthday gifts for her, one that will melt her heart, and perhaps make her fall in love for the first time, or many times over? The right gift can be very powerful!

Women particularly feel loved and cherished when a romantic evening out has been planned from head to toe, including confirming a babysitter, making reservations, purchasing tickets — whatever it is that will make the night go smoothly. Then, with special touches added — like giving her flowers at the beginning of the evening, a chocolate gift a little bit later, and lastly dancing to romantic music while candles are burning in the background – sparks are sure to fly!

Best Romantic Gifts For Your Girlfriend Or Wife


1. Chocolate

When looking for romantic gifts for girlfriend, chocolate is one we all love! This wonderful indulgence makes us grin from ear to ear. Even for those weight watchers, a little bit of our favorite chocolate is forgivable and even desired in times of gift-giving.
Premium Deluxe Bath and Body Gift Basket

2. Premium Deluxe Bath and Body Gift Basket

Help your wife relax her cares away with this huge, luxurious lavender spa gift basket. Lavender is a proven scent to help relax stress away so she’ll be on her way to total bliss. She can pamper herself from head to toe with the vast array of quality products in this basket.
Bamboo Sheet Set

3. Bamboo Sheet Set

Does your wife like to sleep in on the weekend? Then treat her to a new set of sheets. These bamboo sheets are super soft and crisp with deep pockets, and they don’t pill. They also regulate temperature so she won’t be too hot or too cold, a guarantee of a wonderful night’s sleep. Your wife will love sleeping under these luxurious sheets in your arms.
Pourer and Decanter Tower

4. Pourer and Decanter Tower

Is your woman a red wine lover? She will love this aerator that mixes the wine with air to enhance the flavor, bouquet, and finish. She will look forward to relaxing with a glass of wine full of enhanced flavor in a warm bath or cuddling with you and talking.
14K Yellow Gold

5. 14K Yellow Gold

Filled Hand Engraved Cuff Bracelet - This gorgeous gold bracelet with engraved flowers and silver petals will look amazing on your ladies' wrist. She will love this stylish bracelet because it can be worn day or night whether she is dressed up or dressed down. This bracelet has a one of a kind design, sure to get compliments.
Kate Lynn Mother’s Day Necklace

6. Kate Lynn Mother’s Day Necklace

Although this necklace is listed as a Mother’s Day gift, it is still a perfect choice for your girlfriend. She will love the beautiful colors and shining crystals in this piece of jewelry. This necklace will add a splash of color to every outfit, just like you add splashes of color to her life every day.
CDE Angel Wing Heart Necklace

7. CDE Angel Wing Heart Necklace

This beautiful necklace will make her heart take flight every time she looks at it and thinks of you. Eye catching and bright, it shimmers and shines just like she does. Available in various colors, this is the perfect personalized gift. She will be reminded every day that she is your angel.
Women's Satin Sleep Shirt

8. Women's Satin Sleep Shirt

Your wife or girlfriend will feel like a queen when she slips into these silk nightshirt. Classy and elegant, they are an excellent choice for a night in. You will feel good giving them to her because they will make her feel even more sexy than she already is.
Shiatsu Back Massager

9. Shiatsu Back Massager

Does your wife have a desk job or work from home? Sitting for hours at a time causes aching backs, tense muscles, and knots. This massager features deep kneading massage, custom zone massage, soothing heat therapy and seat vibration to help ease aches and pains away. She will love being able to get a massage every day without the spa price and you will feel good knowing that you are helping melt her stress away.
Women’s Bathrobe

10. Women’s Bathrobe

Is your wife a photo fanatic? With this printer, all she has to do is connect her phone via Wi-fi and turn her digital photos to prints in minutes. This gadget is perfect for taking along on a date night or vacation to capture and save special moments as they happen. She will love being able to capture photos with you any time, anywhere and being able to print them right away.
Silk Sheets

11. Silk Sheets

The recipient of this gift will feel like royalty sleeping under these premium sheets. Your loved one is sure to get a good night’s sleep because these sheets are hypo-allergenic and regulate temperature. You will feel good knowing she will have a good night’s rest every night. She will be thanking you every morning after a night of sweet dreams.
Blankiegram Hugs Blanket

12. Blankiegram Hugs Blanket

Do you travel a lot for work? This hug blanket is the perfect gift for when you’re away. This blanket is made from plush material to ensure the ultimate softness. It’s like the ideal hug when you’re away. Your wife will be able to wrap herself up in this blanket and in your love any time she wants to. You will feel amazing giving this gift as an extension of your love for her.
Kissing Mugs Set

13. Kissing Mugs Set

She will love this kissing mug set just as much as she loves kissing you. This set comes with a matching stir spoon for each cup. You can keep the other mug at her place or yours so that it’s always ready for a cup of coffee after a morning kiss. These mugs are a cute and meaningful way to start your day together.
Jadore by Christian Dior

14. Jadore by Christian Dior

Your wife will love being spoiled with this exquisite perfume. She will look and feel like a celebrity when she steps out wearing this beautiful fragrance. It’s perfect for a night on the town or worn at any other special event. You will feel good knowing that she feels like royalty.
Dolce & Gabbana The One Eu de Parfum

15. Dolce & Gabbana The One Eu de Parfum

This perfume has a soft scent, perfect for a day or night out. Your wife will love wearing this for you any time. Even with a modest price tag, she will still feel like a million bucks when she wears it. You can feel good giving it as a gift because she will think of you every day while wearing it.
Vera Wang Princess for Women Perfume

16. Vera Wang Princess for Women Perfume

Is your girl your princess? Every time your lady removes the crown stopper on this bottle, she will feel like she’s putting on some magic perfume. With its light and airy fragrance, it is perfect for day or night and she will smile knowing she’s your princess. She will love wearing this to the office or dancing the night away with you.
Pendant With Birthstone

17. Pendant With Birthstone

Your girlfriend will love being able to wear her faith with this beautiful birthstone cross. She will love it even more that it contains her birthstone. Everyone will know her love for you and her love for God and she will be thanking Him for you every time she wears it.
With You Locket

18. With You Locket

This locket necklace is one of the most romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend or wife. Your wife can keep a picture of the kids in hers, or your girlfriend can put a photo inside of the two of you. Either way, this makes a great present because they will have their loved ones close to their heart at all times.
I Love You 120 Languages 24k Gold Black

19. I Love You 120 Languages 24k Gold Black

This unique pendant proves that love is a universal language. The words “I love you” are inscribed in various languages on the pendant, making this a fantastic choice if your girlfriend is from another part of the world. She will be reminded that no matter how near or far she is, that she is always loved.

20. Lingerie

Lingerie is another great idea. How about picking out a matching set of silk boxers, too? She’ll love that you thought of how you two could match–it will make the gift all that more heartwarming, and kind of funny, too! Think outside of the box a little–depending upon the fabric, style, cut, color and pattern, lingerie, PJ’s and long johns can all be great romantic birthday gifts for her!
A Bouquet Of Flowers

21. A Bouquet Of Flowers

Have you ever seen a woman who hasn’t been truly touched when receiving a gift of roses, carnations, or any other type of flower? Send them to her at work and you’ll score extra points! Women love to look at them at work throughout the day. And they equally love to be repeatedly asked who they’re from by co-workers!

12 Great Sentimental Gifts For Her Birthday

Make a photo book

Gather all your favorite photos together and make your wife or girlfriend a photo book through Shutterfly or another company. These can be pictures of a day trip, vacation, or any other moments that are meaningful to you. She will love reliving these memories over and over.

Take a walk in nature or on the beach

Take your wife or girlfriend to enjoy nature and take a walk together. Take some time to revel in the sights and smells of this soothing environment. She will appreciate the break from the daily hustle and bustle and your relationship will grow stronger by having some extra bonding time.

Homemade Treats in a Jar

Does your special lady have a sweet tooth, but you aren’t the best baker in the world? If you are looking for a simple gift that will make satisfying her sweet tooth easier, make her some mason jars filled with cookie mix. You can find lots of recipes online, and she will love that she can whip up a batch of cookies in a flash. You will probably receive some cookies in a few days.

At home wine tasting

Pick up a few different bottles of her favorite wine and some gourmet meats and cheeses. Spend the evening talking, dancing, or watching a movie. She will appreciate the relaxing atmosphere and being able to spend quality time with you.

Handwritten Love Letters

If you are good with words, sit down and take the time to write her some love letters. In this world of manufactured sentiments, these will tug on her heart and bring a tear to her eye. You can feel good knowing she will never doubt her love for you and that she can read your sentiments over and over, any time day or night.

Go on an adventure

If your wife has a sense of adventure, go on a road trip without directions, go bungee jumping, or in a hot air balloon ride. Add to the adventure by trying a restaurant with food that isn’t available in your area. She will get a rush from the excitement of trying something new and her love for you.

Learn something new

Is there something your girlfriend has always wanted to learn how to do? Send her to the class via Udemy or Skillsprout. These sites have affordable courses in all kinds of interests and she can learn on her own schedule. She will love learning about something she’s passionate about and will appreciate your love of her inquisitive mind.

Romantic Blanket Picnic

Does your wife or girlfriend love food and nature? Then take her on a blanket picnic in the park in the evening or around dusk. Take this time to really focus on her with no distractions. She will appreciate the thought you put into it and the beautifully painted sky.

Engage in a favorite hobby

Does she enjoy painting, crafting, or scrapbooking? Take her to the store and buy her new supplies or supplies she is running out of. She will love you for your thoughtfulness and will be excited to start her next project. She will probably make something for you. If you’re looking to extend her happiness, join her on a project. You will feel great knowing that she can relax and focus on her creativity.

Dancing under the stars

Prepare a romantic dinner for your love and then take her in the backyard to dance under the stars. Add some romantic music and then have dessert and coffee under the stars when you’re done. She will love your sweet gesture and bask in the romantic time with you.

Gift Basket

A gift basket can be a great way to show your girlfriend how much you care. You can put together a basket filled with her favourite things, or you could choose a theme based on an activity that you both enjoy. For example, if you and your girlfriend like to cook, you could put together a basket filled with cooking supplies and recipes.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are always a great choice for any occasion, but they can be even more special when given for a birthday. You can find a variety of different personalized gifts online, or you could get creative and make the gift yourself. Some great ideas include personalized jewelry, blankets, or photo frames. Whatever you choose, your girlfriend is sure to appreciate the thought that went into it.


Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas For Her | FAQs

What To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday?

The best birthday gift doesn't always have to be expensive. When asked what type of birthday gift would be ideal, women responded that those that show the man has put some time and effort into thinking about the present make truly romantic birthday gifts for women.

For example, if your girlfriend has a passion for jewelry, get her a necklace and present it to her during a picnic under the stars.

Here are some things to think about when choosing a romantic birthday gift for her:

  • Style: What is her style in different areas like clothes, purses, and home decor?
  • Interests: What are her interests? What does she like to do in her spare time? What lights her up? What is she passionate about?
  • Tastes: Does she prefer jewelry or wine? A massage or a luxurious bath?

How To Make Your Wife's Birthday Special?

One of the most romantic gifts you can give her is your time, an experience, or something homemade. Does your wife miss you while you’re gone on business trips? Before you leave on the next one, present her with a special blanket so that she can be wrapped in your love on her lonely nights. She is sure to become sentimental over these heartfelt and thoughtful and personalized gifts.

There are so many different ways you can show your wife or girlfriend that you love her. Gifts of time and experiences are just as valuable and precious as store bought gifts. The gifts in this list should spark imagination and creativity the next time you buy a special gift.