85 Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2024 | Unusual Ideas For Kids, Adults, and Pets

Unique Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Everyone On Your List

Stocking stuffers are fun to buy. It’s the only time you have permission to give funny, silly and cool little gifts. It’s also a great way to give tasty treats to friends and family – and yourself if they feel like sharing. From unique spicy chocolate wedges to kitchen tools, gadgets and lots more, the possibilities are endless.

After you’re done checking out these awesome ideas below, make sure to visit some of our collection of unusual Christmas gifts!

Ultimate List Of The Most Unique & Cool Christmas Stockings

Leather iPhone Wallet Case

1. Leather iPhone Wallet Case

Most people don't go anywhere without their smartphone and that's why this functional leather case that also serves as a wallet is a great stuffer this Christmas.
Muffin Top Bake Cups

2. Muffin Top Bake Cups

Finally a Muffin Top that you can be proud of. These cute and funny bake cups are a great party gift for the people who love to indulge on baked goods.
Flexible Thumbs Up Smartphone Holder

3. Flexible Thumbs Up Smartphone Holder

A new innovative way to hold a smartphone is this fun design from Honsky. It fits most smartphones and comes in multiple colors. Great for work, at home and traveling.
Moldable Glue By Sugru

4. Moldable Glue By Sugru

Give her a gift that can help her quick fix just about anything around the house. Surge has created the world’s first moldable glue that turns into silicone rubber. It's specifically designed to bond permanently to almost anything including ceramics, metal, glass, wood, plaster, stone, most plastics, some fabrics and even flexible materials. It's easy to use and a must to have around the home.
DIY Guitar Pick Puncher

5. DIY Guitar Pick Puncher

If he loves to shred the guitar, this is a must-have gift. He can choose from a variety of patterns and create his own guitar picks - up to 100 to be exact.
Assorted Jerky Sticks

6. Assorted Jerky Sticks

There's nothing quite more manly than chewing on some beef jerky, right? What makes this a great gift is that he can enjoy 13 flavors of wild game meat. Flavors include kangaroo, alligator, buffalo, venison, and more.
Sneaker Ball Deodorizer

7. Sneaker Ball Deodorizer

If you're tired of having to smell his dirty gym shoes, these sneaker balls are here to help. To all the men who like to stay active, put these cool sneaker balls in the shoes and it will replace the disgusting odor with a pleasing, fresh scent. Simply twist to open and the odor is gone!
NFL Toothbrush (In Any Team)

8. NFL Toothbrush (In Any Team)

Speaking of dental hygiene. Here is a great gift for guys who love cheering on their favorite NFL team. Every morning and night when they brush their teeth they can enjoy a toothbrush with the logo of your NFL team. How sweet is that?
A 5 Year Memory Book

9. A 5 Year Memory Book

No matter how old you are, writing in a diary never gets old and this 5-year Memory Book is a truly special gift. She can write down every moment and be able to look back and remember all the little details. It's a gift that will always keep on giving.
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Scented Soy Candle

10. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Scented Soy Candle

Sometimes she just wants a nice candle that gives off a pleasant aroma while she does chores or sitting around the house. With a Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Candle, she can do exactly that. It comes in a cute jelly jar and is made from natural vegetable wax.
Pink Pepper Spray

11. Pink Pepper Spray

Have her walk around with complete confidence with the gift of SABRE pepper spray. This is always a smart gift because you never know when it will come in handy and SABRE is the #1 trusted brand from police and consumers worldwide. Plus, when you purchase this pepper spray, part of the sale will go to support breast cancer awareness.
Dead Sea Mud Mask

12. Dead Sea Mud Mask

That's not swamp thing walking out of the bathroom, it's just her after she's put on this amazing mud mask. This natural acne treatment is made from Dead Sea Mud, which contains ingredients that do a great of removing dead skin, dirt, and toxins naturally from the skin.
Unique Nail Polish Bottle Holder

13. Unique Nail Polish Bottle Holder

Painting nails has never been this easy thanks to the Tweexy. It's innovative design lets her hold her favorite nail polish color around her finger making painting nails a breeze. It's perfect to take on the go - the car, bed, restroom, train, anywhere!
Interactive LED Light Pointer For Cats

14. Interactive LED Light Pointer For Cats

Say hello to the best light pointer toy you will ever get your cat. It features five different colors to choose from - simply press a button on the paw print design once and the light will begin blinking, push a button a second time and it will give off a steady light. Your cat will go crazy over this thing, trust us! We have a gift list for cat lovers if you want to check it out!
Hide And Seek Plush Dog Toy

15. Hide And Seek Plush Dog Toy

Dogs love a good game of hide and seek and this adorable plush toy is perfect to satisfy their curiosity. It comes with three cute squeaky hedgehogs and a den for an interactive puzzle that's great for small and medium-sized dogs.
Hide-A-Squirrel Sqeaking Toy For Dogs

16. Hide-A-Squirrel Sqeaking Toy For Dogs

If your dog loves the popular Hide-A-Squirrel toy they will love this great new toy. Instead of squirrels it features three cute, plush bird toys hidden in a barn. It encourages smart play and teaches dogs how to solve puzzles - it's the perfect toy for fun, active play time.
Plush Squeaky Dog Toy (Fox, Racoon & Squirrel)

17. Plush Squeaky Dog Toy (Fox, Racoon & Squirrel)

These three adorable squeakers will keep your dog busy all day. The best thing about these is that there is no stuffing inside! This means no mess to clean up if your dog chews it apart! Each toy is around 18 inches long and great for dogs of all sizes. Get your ZippyPaws today!
L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

18. L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

This very popular stocking stuffer gives toddlers seven layers of fun with every L.O.L. Surprise doll! As you unwrap the ball you'll reveal a new L.O.L. Surprise doll. Feed or bathe your baby for an additional water surprise: she might cry, spit, tinkle or change colors.
Unique Graphite Twig & Branch Pencils

19. Unique Graphite Twig & Branch Pencils

We all know pencils come from trees, right? These pencils are the prime example of this as the TropicaZona Brand and Twig graphic pencil is a fun and functional stocking stuffer idea that are immediately ready to use.
Original Parachute Man

20. Original Parachute Man

Look out below! Here comes one of the coolest stocking stuffers for kids you can get this holiday season. The Aeromax tangle-free, parachute is a fun product that they can toss up high in the air and watch it fly and land over and over again.
Cute Chopsticks

21. Cute Chopsticks

Spice up your next dinner with this delicate, yet functional chopstick set that is ideal for boys & girls looking to learn how to eat with chopsticks. Whether it's sushi or a favorite rice and meat dish, they will love learning how to use chopsticks to dig in.
Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

22. Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

One, two, three, four, I declare a Star Wars thumb war! This Star Wars game in a book is for thumb-wrestling masters or their apprentices. Opponents Velcro on the included lightsabers and open the book to one of seven durable \'game board\' pages depicting classic Star Wars battles. They stick their thumbs through the holes and use the Force to defeat the enemy.
Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

23. Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

The 11-inch long Amazing Flying Monkey can be launched like a slingshot by holding its stretchy arms, then pulling back the feet and tail. Bang its chest and it screams like Tarzan as it flies up to 50 feet! The hands have slots to fit children and adults with stretchy rubber tubes hidden in the arms.
Tattoo Pens

24. Tattoo Pens

Let your young ones create their very own temporary tattoos with these awesome gel pens. The pack comes with six different colors and three plastic stencils that feature a variety of designs for some awesome tattoos. Again, these are temporary so parents, you have nothing to worry about.
Lip Smackers Lip Balm

25. Lip Smackers Lip Balm

Here's a great-tasting gift that's one of the sweetest stocking stuffers for kids. Lip Smackers come in a variety of delicious flavors such as vanilla, watermelon, tropical punch and more. Each lip balm stick helps moisturize and soften lips and are perfect for collecting and sharing.
Turtle Rock Pet Kit

26. Turtle Rock Pet Kit

Take a look at the new and improved pet rock! No more looking for rocks outside, this turtle-shaped rock comes with six waterproof paints and a brush that lets them get creative and design a beautiful pet rock turtle. It's a perfect gift for a rainy day and to display in the garden or in their room.
Dig For Dinosaur Fossils

27. Dig For Dinosaur Fossils

Does your boy love dinosaurs? Get them this sweet product that lets them dig for their very own dinosaur. Watch your kid pour out the sand and dig for fossils of an ancient beast - then they can re-assemble the dinosaur to put it on full display - It's so cool!
Colorful Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner

28. Colorful Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner

Don't let your kids miss out on the frenzy that are Fidget Spinners. These toys have taken the world by storm and teens deserve the coolest spinner on the market. This multi-color, stainless steel fidget spinner has 3-5 minute average spins and is super easy to carry around.
Molding & Sculpting Sticks

29. Molding & Sculpting Sticks

Let's keep the creativity juices flowing for your boys and girls with these amazing molding and sculpting sticks. This awesome stocking stuffer comes with 24 Wikki Stix and kids can stick them to any smooth surface and start designing. There's no right or wrong way with Wikki Stix, just a great way for your kid to get creative.
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty (Liquid Glass)

30. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty (Liquid Glass)

If you haven't introduced Crazy Aaron's to your kids yet, they are seriously missing out. This putty brand comes in over 20 wacky colors and types. Glow in the dark, lava, heat sensitive and so many more! Just get it, your little ones will love you!
Melissa & Doug Rainbow Scratch Art Mini Notes

31. Melissa & Doug Rainbow Scratch Art Mini Notes

When it comes to quality and educational toys, Melissa & Doug reign supreme. Let their creativity shine as they can write notes, doodle, and make illustrations on 125 rainbow notes. It comes with a wooden stylus and a reusable dispenser box.
Pick Your Nose Paper Cups

32. Pick Your Nose Paper Cups

Next time you have guests over, break out these hilarious (recyclable) cups for an instant conversation starter. Each cup comes designed with a different nose image - set includes 12 men and 12 women noses.
Cat Butt Magnets

33. Cat Butt Magnets

Your cat-loving person probably has a house full of cat-themed gifts, but she probably doesn’t have these cute cat butt magnets yet. They’ll have a blast trying to identify each cat breed by its butt!
Dill Dough Stress Relief

34. Dill Dough Stress Relief

If a family member is going through a rough time, get them this stress relief putty this holiday to help her “dill with it.” They can squish and squeeze their stress away with this lightly pickle scented putty. Bonus: This tasty-smelling treat won’t add inches to their waist like a box of chocolates would!
Dragon Eggs

35. Dragon Eggs

Moon of my life, my sun, and stars be mine! This Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Candle set will show your husband (boyfriend) or wife (girlfriend) that you’d go to the end of the earth and conquer all Seven Kingdoms to be by their side. Yep, that sounds just about right!
Pet Rock

36. Pet Rock

We all have one in our lives. Pet fish? Bad idea. Pet succulent? Bad idea. Pet dog? Terrible idea. Simplify their life with the reality that they can have a pet and it can thrive under their care with the Pet Rock!
Potato Pal

37. Potato Pal

Sure, absolutely, you can order this potato with plain ol’ text, but why would you when you can offer your loved ones a potato with your face on it? Or even, their own faces? Or their dog’s face? Think of the possibilities!
Sushi Socks

38. Sushi Socks

Do you know a family member who’s always got sushi on their mind? Help them out by getting it on their feet as well! Now, their feet can carry them right to their favorite Japanese restaurant with these socks on!
Llama Enchantment Dust

39. Llama Enchantment Dust

Look, it’s been a rough year. If you’ve got someone in your life who’s been feeling that, skip the cheap spa set this year. Allow them to finally feel enchanting, special, unique, and a little furry for once in their lives with this llama dust.
Custom Photo Socks

40. Custom Photo Socks

Go ahead, put your senior picture on some socks, and give them to your darling partner. This unique stocking filler will either knock their socks off or leave them kicking and screaming. Just upload your photo. It’s completely customizable as long as it’s appropriate!
Marshmallow Roasting Stick Set

41. Marshmallow Roasting Stick Set

You never know when you're in the mood for a classic smores treat and that's why having this kit with 5 roasting sticks and recipe book is a great gift to have on hand. Each roaster comes in a different color and can extend up to 34 inches.
Keychain Rescue Tool

42. Keychain Rescue Tool

The quick-escape care tool from Resqme has become one of the most wanted and effective hand-held tools. It fits right on your key chain and the stainless steel spike can easily break through car windows.
Safari Animal Butt Magnets

43. Safari Animal Butt Magnets

Functional and hilarious! Each magnet is designed like your favorite safari animal and each one guaranteed to get a good laugh.
Australian Chewing Sticks

44. Australian Chewing Sticks

Get rid of bad breath and food stuck in your teeth instantly with the cinnamon and original flavored tea tree chewing sticks. Each box comes with 100 sticks and its compact size fits perfectly in your pocket.
6-Pack Miniature Tabasco Sauce

45. 6-Pack Miniature Tabasco Sauce

Enjoy world famous Tabasco sauce everywhere you go as these miniature bottles can fit just about anywhere. Keep one at work, around the house and one in your pocket, you never know when you'll need it.
Compact Fire Starter

46. Compact Fire Starter

Don't waist time trying to find the right materials to start a fire - get this pocket-size fire-starter to get the spark you need. The solid magnesium bar and flint can be used hundreds of times and is built to last.
Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer

47. Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer

The Magic of Disney now keeps your cup of coffee as warm as the first pour. With an adorable Mickey Mouse design, this ceramic mug and mug warmer is always a great choice.
Fisheye Lens Smartphone Attachment

48. Fisheye Lens Smartphone Attachment

Take the perfect high quality pictures when you attach the 3-in-1 fisheye lens from Amir. The HD wide angled lens expand viewing by 4X help and it conveniently fits on most smartphones.
Reusable Hedgehog Dryer Balls

49. Reusable Hedgehog Dryer Balls

Easily the cutest and most useful dryer balls around. Place one in your laundry and the soft spikes of the hedgehog help fluff and soften the fabric.
EZ Drinker Beer & Soda Can Holster Belt

50. EZ Drinker Beer & Soda Can Holster Belt

A perfect gift for tailgating or for the person who loves to party and drink beer. The holster holds up to six beers, or can even hold soda for the non-drinkers. Either way, this holster belt will be the life of the party.
The Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

51. The Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

To the wine lover in your life, get the wine glass that holds an entire bottle of wine. No reason to be shy about it with this glass as each bottle has the funny saying, \'Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs.\
Chia Zombie

52. Chia Zombie

A great twist on the classic chia pet. The fun and easy to grow toy features a scary zombie design and instructions to grow out the hair. This gift is a scary good time fit for any time of the year.
Bacon-Shaped Adhesive Bandages

53. Bacon-Shaped Adhesive Bandages

Now they can treat all their minor cuts, scrapes and bruises with these fun bacon-shaped bandages. Each tin comes with 15 bandages and a bonus trinket. Both kids and adults will love them!
Sir Perky Novelty Wine Corkscrew

54. Sir Perky Novelty Wine Corkscrew

Get instant laughs with the Sir Perky wine corkscrew. The corkscrew is strategically placed to make this the ultimate gag gift. Made of durable hard plastic, Sir Perky will always be ready for some action.
Waxed Bacon Floss

55. Waxed Bacon Floss

Now you have no reason not to floss your teeth. This pack of dental floss leaves a savory taste of bacon in your mouth as it removes all that unwanted plaque and germs stuck in-between your teeth.
Corkcicle Beer Chiller

56. Corkcicle Beer Chiller

Savor every last drop of an ice-cold beer with the Chillsner from Corkcicle. Simply freeze and insert the Chillsner in your beer bottle and each sip will be as cold as the last.
Kikkerland Putter Cup Golf Mug

57. Kikkerland Putter Cup Golf Mug

Have some fun every time you enjoy your hot cup of coffee. This playful mug features a putting hole at the bottom and comes with a mini golf ball and putter that also doubles as a pen.
Mooning Garden Gnome

58. Mooning Garden Gnome

Add some humor to your garden with this naughty little garden gnome. You haven't seen a gnome quite like this as it moons your neighbors and guests. Made of durable plastic and a very fun white elephant gift.
Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

59. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

The funniest bathroom gift of all time is the talking spindle. Replace it with your current one and record your personal message. When someone pulls the toilet paper your message will play and instant laughs will ensue.
Schwetty Balls Pack

60. Schwetty Balls Pack

This gift was inspired from the popular \'Schwetty Balls\' SNL skit - The pack includes a pair of gulf balls with an R-rate image and fun message. Each ball conforms with U.S.G.A. and R & A rules so you can actually play a round of golf with them.
Westminster Butt Face Soap

61. Westminster Butt Face Soap

Never be confused again which bar of soap you used for your face or butt. Westminster has created bars of soap to give you the best cheek-to-cheek cleansing. Each bar is double-sided so you know which bar cleans which part.
Instant Bang Hanger Clip

62. Instant Bang Hanger Clip

With the Clipa heavy-duty bag hanger clip, you can keep all those heavy bags off the ground and keep them accessible. Simply pull the bag and the Clipa will close and slide back onto the bag.
English Leather After Shave

63. English Leather After Shave

8 ounces of one of the best mens after shave lotion on the market. Your man will smell great, feel fresh and absolutely love seeing this in his stocking.
Original Table Topics

64. Original Table Topics

A great conversation starter to have at the home or the office. Each card comes with fun and thought provoking questions that will get everyone talking.
Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume

65. Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume

For anyone who wants to enjoy the luxury of having a sexy and elegant fragrance in a convenient compact size will love this popular product from Calvin Klein. The delightful smells of black orchids and exotic fruits will leave you wanting more.
Comfortable Happy Socks

66. Comfortable Happy Socks

If you want to make a bold fashion statement, get a pair of the popular Happy Socks. Comfortable, colorful and stylish, it's no surprise why these socks have become a top-selling product.
Hand Made Scented Candles

67. Hand Made Scented Candles

Made of natural and lead-free soy wax, you can feel great enjoying the scent and glow of the Old Factory Spa Candles. The three-pack comes with a lemongrass, cucumber, and green tea scent.
Moldable Glue Pack

68. Moldable Glue Pack

It's amazing how many situations you'll find needing to make a quick fix and with moldable glue, you'll always have a solution. The multi-pack from Sugru can bond to wood, aluminum, glass, steel, plastic and most surfaces.
Personal Compact Light Torch

69. Personal Compact Light Torch

The enevu CUBE torch might be one of the most useful gifts you could give as the compact size makes it perfect for power outages, camping, reading, and so much more. A portable light source like this one will come in handy more than you think.
Cards Against Humanity

70. Cards Against Humanity

Adult party games are popping up all over the place but nothing beats the top-selling and downright hilarious game where each player uses the funniest card they have to answer the question. If you haven't played it, you need to give it a shot ASAP.
Carry-On Cocktail Kit

71. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Who says flying is stressful? With the carry-on cocktail kit, you get an old-fashioned recipe and all the ingredients to make your next flight stress-free.
Hilarious Nose Pencil Sharpener

72. Hilarious Nose Pencil Sharpener

A whimsical and functional gift that always gets a good laugh. The nose pencil sharpener works great and will be sure to grab the attention from your coworkers and friends.
Scent Rub Away Bar

73. Scent Rub Away Bar

A great gift to have on hand after you've been using your hands to cut onions, fish, garlic or other pungent items. Simply rub your hands with this bar and they'll smell nice and fresh.
General Tools Electronic Screwdriver

74. General Tools Electronic Screwdriver

Another great portable tool is this electronic mini power screwdriver. It's the perfect tool to help with those intricate jobs such as computers or small electronics. It's extremely durable and easy to use, plus it comes with 6 micro drill bit heads.
Gerber Lightweight Keychain Tool

75. Gerber Lightweight Keychain Tool

Having a multi-purpose keychain tool is essential when you're on the go. The Gerber Shard comes with a flat and phillips head screwdriver, wire stripper, pry bar, bottle opener, and lanyard hole.
Pocket Ref

76. Pocket Ref

Have a world of information right in your pocket as the 4th Edition of the Pocket Ref book offers tables, maps, charts and plenty of useful information. With this book, you'll be the smartest person in the room.
Mini Panda Stapler

77. Mini Panda Stapler

Another useful and portable gift perfect to have for school, work or around the home is the mini panda stapler. The adorable panda design makes it a great choice for kids and all animal lovers.
Cordless Animal Table-top Vacuum

78. Cordless Animal Table-top Vacuum

Clean up all those annoying crumbs and dustballs with the adorable Pig or Cow desktop vacuum. Easy to operate and clean, these one-touch vacuums are a useful and convenient gift choice.
Multichrome Nail Polish

79. Multichrome Nail Polish

Shade Shifter has created a nail polish that changes colors depending on the angle and lighting. It's a great present for those with a bold sense of style.
Guitar-Shaped Ice Cube Molds

80. Guitar-Shaped Ice Cube Molds

Jazz up any cocktail with this unique and creative ice cube mold that makes it look like there's a guitar in your glass. Plus, it also serves as a stirring stick!
LifeStraw Water Filter

81. LifeStraw Water Filter

For the outdoor enthusiasts, there is no better tool to have than a portable and personal water filter. A Time Magazine Invention of the Year Winner, LifeStraw contains no chemicals, doesn't need batteries, and is works in extreme conditions.
Magnetic Wristband

82. Magnetic Wristband

For any handyman out there, they know how irritating it is to lose a screw, nut, bolt or small tool. With the MagnoGrip, you can work diligently and keep all those small screws and tools on your wrist.
Frozen Ice Ball Maker Tray

83. Frozen Ice Ball Maker Tray

The coolest way to upgrade a cocktail is getting rid of the regular ice cube and trying these sphere ice balls. The molding tray creates 4 ice balls ready to keep your next drink cold and delicious.
What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? - Cook Book

84. What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? - Cook Book

Do you ask yourself every night what you should do for dinner? Well, you're not alone and this cook book will answer all those questions about what to make with 50 unbelievably delicious recipes. This cookbook takes a creative approach to get you in the kitchen and create a tasty meal.

Best Stocking Stuffers | Buying Tips

Unique Christmas Stockings Don't Have To Break The Bank

There are so many options out there depending on your lifestyle and personality. Pick gifts that are simple and classic. You don't have to buy items that are trendy. Chances are pretty good that the trendy items will be out of style quickly. When shopping for a present, know what type of person that they are - are they practical, sentimental, or quirky, etc?

And remember that the holidays are supposed to be for spending time with your family, friends and loved ones. If you find yourself getting caught up with the gift buying frenzy just for the sake of buying gifts, take a step back. You don't have to spend a lot or buy tons of presents. You just need to make the gift meaningful. It will mean much more to the person you are giving it to if the present is well thought out.

What to put in a guy's stocking for Christmas?

Guys always love new wallets. There's no doubt he wouldn't appreciate a nice slim leather wallet or maybe even a solid money clip. Make sure that you shop for a wallet or money clip that matches his personality. Is he a leather kind of guy? Does he prefer black over brown? For a money clip... what about gold? Or maybe he likes silver better? There are tons of options out there and you don't need to break the bank in order to get him something unique and good looking.

For lounging around the house on those lazy Sunday afternoons, a comfortable T-shirt with either his favorite sports team or favorite character is always much appreciated. If he doesn't have a favorite sports team or another favorite character, find a shirt that has a nostalgic character from his youth. Show him how much you care and give him the gift of downtime watching his favorite show on TV and relaxing in his new T-shirt.

Nothing can help save your marriage faster than a pair of headphones. Whether your man likes blasting the TV or listening to podcasts, this can be the perfect gift.

If you like your man to have a clean shaven appearance, maybe a new shaving kit is in order. Make sure that when you purchase a shaving kit, that it is of good quality. You don't want something that is going to rust after only a few uses.

For those long boring days when you're not around, pick out some of his favorite guy movies. If he is more into books, then shop for some light hearted reading material. Or maybe he is the type of person that can't sit still. Then how about an old-fashioned toy like a yo-yo.

Maybe he is a coffee addict and requires a daily caffeine fix. How about a gift card to his favorite coffee shop (Starbucks or Peet's?). Or maybe you could go with a personalized coffee cup that compliments his personality.

Is your man a grilling enthusiast? Some new grilling tools could go nicely with that grill. Make sure that the grilling tool items that you purchase are also easy to store in the winter months.

Maybe you have a space set aside for his man cave and it is in need of some décor items. Find a sign memorabilia to spruce it up. This could be something as simple as a framed poster.

Does it seem like he is never without his electronic gadgets? Maybe a portable charger or a cord organizer could come in handy. Or if he is mechanically inclined and is always 'tinkering' with cars, a small tool kit that fits in the trunk of the car could be a good option.

You could find a Christmas tree ornament with a sports theme or his favorite cartoon character on it too. Or maybe you want something a little more sentimental and could find something that represents your family life together. This would be a gift that he could put on the tree every year.

What can I put in her stocking?

Maybe the woman in your life likes to write letters or keeps a journal. Stationary is a good option. Make sure to find something that has a high weight. Thicker paper is less likely to bleed with the ink.

Most women always have cold hands. This is especially true if you live in a colder climate. A nice pair of gloves can solve that problem on those cold mornings. Or you could also consider some socks or slippers that are soft and comfortable but will still keep her feet warm.

The ever classic gift is jewelry. This does not need to be an expensive gift depending on the recipient. Focus on finding either a necklace or earrings that compliment her personality.

If she likes to take long baths, shop for a nice smelling bubble bath and some scented candles. Or getting her lotion to put on after taking a bath or an artisan tea mix to sip on while she is in the bath. Or maybe she might enjoy some decorative soap to help dress up the bathroom.

If she is constantly telling you that she can't find anything in her purse, you might want to consider getting her a mini wallet. This will help her to organize the important items that she needs to find in a hurry. Maybe she is into fashion. Find a decorative scarf that would go with her outfits. Make sure that the scarf is something that compliments her style.

Does she need her caffeine fix daily? Shop for a travel mug so that she never has to go without her favorite drink. Make sure that you find a good quality one though... there are a lot of cheap water bottles out there! Another thing to consider is one the she can wrap her hands around and is easy to drink out of while driving.

If you are looking for more of a sentimental gift idea, try a custom Christmas ornament. Consider something that symbolizes the family life that you have together, or maybe something that commemorates a special time in your life.

Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

All kids, whether they are teenagers or young children want to express themselves. You could consider art supplies. This could be something as simple as a box of crayons. For the older ones, you might want to consider modeling clay.

Maybe you want to go with a more practical approach. Children are always outgrowing their outerwear. Maybe it's time for a new pair of gloves. You could consider chapstick or lip gloss, or a new hair brush in their favorite color. You might want to give them a new water bottle for their nightstand. And of course there is the ever classic socks and underwear gift that they may not appreciate but always seem to need.

If your child still has a fear of the dark, you could get them a flashlight that could hang on the their bed. Shop for some glow sticks! They could have a new one each night and the light would be soft enough to not keep them awake.

Maybe you would rather go with the more traditional gift of toys. This does not have to be something expensive. It can be something as simple as a Lego mini set or Hot Wheels. Or maybe your child likes to read. You could go with a kid focused subscription to a magazine or a book that is age appropriate.

It seems like so many parents' stuff the kids' Christmas stockings with more candy than they need or should really be eating. Instead of going with the candy theme, maybe try a healthy snack alternative. This could be an applesauce pouch or fruit snacks.

Maybe you want to go with more of a personal gift. You could try writing a letter from you to your child. The letter could be about how much they mean to you or a favorite family holiday memory that you have. For the younger ones, you might want to consider storing this in a safe place after reading it to them so that they can have it when they are older. Another alternative would be to make up child/parent date voucher cards for future use for one on one time with you.

Great Stocking Ideas For Dogs & Cats

Let's not forget to get some small gifts for your beloved pet. You can never go wrong with getting this adorable family member a treat. Rawhide is always a popular chewing treat for dogs.

Maybe your puppy is in need of a new collar and leash. For those dogs that love to pull you along, consider a harness; this will make that walk a little more comfortable for your dog.

Like so many other dogs, maybe he or she likes to fetch. Put in their Christmas stockings some cool squeaky tennis balls. Try finding tennis balls that are brightly colored so that when your dog fails to retrieve, you will still be able to find them.

A stuffed toy could be a good option for your dog to play with or snuggle with in their dog bed. If your dog is destructive, then you might want to consider a floppy toy. It is similar to a stuffed toy but it is lacking the stuffing.

Not to be outdone by the dogs, cats and kittens love the holidays just as much. A wand toy with feathers or cords can provide you and your cat with lots of entertainment. Maybe your cat is a fierce hunter. Consider getting them some toy mice. Maybe you don't want to advocate for your cat to hunt small animals, then consider balls with bells inside or one that crinkles. A laser pointer might be another good option. Cats love to chase that small dot around.

Maybe your cat is in need of a new collar. Pick out a collar that has a breakaway action. This will keep your cat from getting hung up on tree branches if the collar were to get stuck.

Cats also like treats just like dogs. You could try growing some cat grass for them. You can buy wheat berry seeds and plant them in a cat friendly container. This is a good way for your cat to get some vegetables into their diet.

Find something that your cat can scratch on besides the furniture. This can be something as simple as a corrugated cardboard scratching post. Your cat will thank you and your furniture will last longer.

All of our stocking stuffer ideas were hand-picked and curated from around the web just for you. We spent hours and hours trying to find only the best of the best for your family this year, so enjoy browsing around and have a blast picking out some gifts!