67 Unique Gifts For Cat Owners

These are the best cat parent gifts to have the cat owners in your life feline good and looking pawsome.

If your house is covered with a gentle layer of fine kitty fur, you’ve got more than one litter scoop (in multiple colors to match kitty’s mood!) and you buy cat food in bulk, you might be a cat person. But you already knew that. Purring kitties nuzzled in patient laps are one of the singular joys in life! So why not make everyday Caturday with these 55 kitty themed best gifts for cat lovers. Don’t pro-cat-stinate, share a moment with your favorite cat person right now!

Fantastic Gift Ideas For The Cat Owner In Your Life

Kate Spade New York Black Cat Umbrella

1. Kate Spade New York Black Cat Umbrella

This cute umbrella has pop up cat ears, making it a great gift for the starter cat lover and for walking your children to school.
Kitten Party Masks with Party Hats

2. Kitten Party Masks with Party Hats

Children will love to wear these masks on Halloween or at cat-themed birthday parties. Don't forget to get a cat costume so your child can have the most fun going trick or treating with their friends!
PyroPet Cat-shaped Candle

3. PyroPet Cat-shaped Candle

How about this cool cat candle that is gift box ready? PyroPet also makes other pet-shaped candles for your cat & dog loving friends. You can add this in a gift basket with some cat coasters, cat bag clips, pens and a keychain so your friend can now have a collection of cute cat stuff.
Funny Orange Cat T Shirt

4. Funny Orange Cat T Shirt

Another adorable cat gift is this T-shirt of a cat on a coffee mug. Perfect gift for that friend with a pet cat! For the swearing cat loving one who likes a good laugh, you can take humor up a notch with this \'Fluff You You Fluffin' Fluff\' T-shirt.
Koolkatkoo Coffee Mug

5. Koolkatkoo Coffee Mug

Such a unique gift for the cat loving girl in your life! This comes with a cell phone holder lid so she could watch her favorite show while sipping that perfect drink from this adorable cat mug. Buy this for a new cat owner and it totally would make their day a lot cuter!
Fancy Flower Cat Water Bottle

6. Fancy Flower Cat Water Bottle

Insulated water bottles are great for keeping beverages hot and cold for up to 8 hours, and this cute design will for sure melt the heart of every cat person.
Cat Wine Holder

7. Cat Wine Holder

If your friend is a wine drinker then you can't go wrong with this adorable and unique gift. This would make a very unique home decor item as well!
Crystal Cat Necklace

8. Crystal Cat Necklace

Make your girlfriend feel like a true princess with this one-of-a-kind 'Laid Back Kitten'necklace featuring beautiful Swarovski crystals. Also be sure to check out these amazing earrings, they will bring happiness to many cat loving women in your life.
Adorable Chrome Cat Ring Holder

9. Adorable Chrome Cat Ring Holder

Your sister will absolutely adore this cat chrome ring holder because honestly, what's not to like. It's cute, stylish, and is a great way to hold some of her most important and precious jewelry.
Cute Cat Measuring Cups

10. Cute Cat Measuring Cups

Awesome gifts for cat lovers! Watch your wife's face light up when she sees these adorable ceramic cat measuring cups. Not only are they cute as heck, they are super helpful and functional to have in the kitchen for the next time she's in the mood to bake.
Knee High Cat Socks

11. Knee High Cat Socks

You can't help saying \'Meeowww\' when you see your girlfriend wearing these sexy yet cute knee high cat stockings. They are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for a cat lover.
Personalized Cat Sequin Pillow

12. Personalized Cat Sequin Pillow

Has your recipient recently moved into a new apartment or home? If so, she’ll be expecting you to bring over a bottle of wine or a houseplant on your first visit. Instead, get her this cute cat sequin pillow as a surprising housewarming gift. She’ll love mindlessly playing with the sequins while she unwinds at night on the couch.
Animal Sheet Masks

13. Animal Sheet Masks

Skincare junkies will love these cute and beneficial sheet masks. Her daily skincare routine has never been as much fun as it will be with these animal masks. She can prevent aging while looking like a pug and soothe her skin while looking like a cat!
Organic Grass Kit For Cats

14. Organic Grass Kit For Cats

Are you sick of your cat chewing on all your plants? Now you can give them the satisfaction with this organic grass kit. What's great about this toy is that it serves as a natural digestive aid and contains fiber that prevents the formation of hairballs.
Squeaky Mouse Toy For Cats

15. Squeaky Mouse Toy For Cats

Let your cat become the hunter it always wanted to be with the Squeaky Mouse Hunter toy. It will keep your cat stimulated and busy and simulates a real-like mouse sound that will drive your cat crazy - in a good way.
Foam Soccer Balls For Cats

16. Foam Soccer Balls For Cats

Cats will love you once they see you gave them these fun, cute foam soccer balls. And the best part is that they are noise free so you won't have to hear an annoying squeak as your cat plays for hours. They come in four different colors and don't be surprised if you see them scattered around your house because cats absolutely love these toys.
3 Way Tunnel For Dogs And Cats

17. 3 Way Tunnel For Dogs And Cats

Cats and dogs everywhere love this 3-way tunnel toy and your furry friends will love it too. It's perfect for cats and puppies and is made of strong, tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a steel frame. It's also easily collapsible and portable making it a great toy to keep your pet occupied wherever you go.
12 Pack Of Fuzzy, Colorful Mouse Toys For Cats

18. 12 Pack Of Fuzzy, Colorful Mouse Toys For Cats

With a name like \'Just Cats,\' playtime will never be more fun for your cat with these fuzzy mouse toys. Encourage health play and feed your cats curiosity as they chase around this great toy for hours.
Electronic Cat Toy With Concealed Motion Tail

19. Electronic Cat Toy With Concealed Motion Tail

Cats love the chase and this toy is a must-have to keep them busy for hours. It replicates the movement of hidden prey with moving lights and wand. Get ready to watch their cat have the chase and time of their life.
Dental Cat Treats By Feline Greenies

20. Dental Cat Treats By Feline Greenies

Why are Greenies a great treat for cats? Because they feed their appetite and keep their teeth clean and breath smelling fresh. Plus, they come in a variety of delicious flavors that all cats love.
Variety Pack Of Cat Toys (20 Pieces)

21. Variety Pack Of Cat Toys (20 Pieces)

Keep their cat busy and happy all day long this holiday season with this fun-filled pack of 20 cat toys. It features feathers, balls, catnip, stuffed mice, and many more toys that their cat will love.
SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Toy

22. SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Toy

We all know every cat loves to chase mice and can't stay away from catnip. That's why these critters are packed with pure and potent catnip that will be their cat's new favorite toy.
Ultimate Scratcher Lounge

23. Ultimate Scratcher Lounge

This is the best lounge a cat could ask for as it serves as a scratcher and comfortable resting spot for your furry pal. Eco-friendly, durable and reversible, their cat has just found its new favorite spot.
Hidden Planter Litter Box

24. Hidden Planter Litter Box

If your cat lover friend hates having a gross plastic litter box in your house, then gift them this box that blends in with the rest of their furniture. Designed to look just like a clay plant pot, their cat can now be more discrete as it does its business.
Catit Senses 2.0 Digger

25. Catit Senses 2.0 Digger

Have their cat work for its treats with this innovative and fun toy from Catit Senses. Your friend's cat will use its hunting instinct as it paws at each tunnel trying to get a treat.
Collapsible Cat Tunnel

26. Collapsible Cat Tunnel

Once a cat lays eyes on this tunnel, you'll know exactly where it's going to be for the next few hours. These 2 tunnels features dangly ball toys and a peek hole to really keep their cat entertained, and the best part is, it's collapsible!
Easy Walk Cat Stroller

27. Easy Walk Cat Stroller

Kids aren't the only ones who can enjoy a nice walk outside in a stroller. This comfortable and stylish stroller from OxGord is perfect for any feline companion.
Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

28. Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

Lure their cat into hours of fun with this interactive toy. We all know a cat loves to pounce and chase and this simple yet great toy will do just that.
Cat Charmer Wand

29. Cat Charmer Wand

Turn their cat into a tiny little dancer with this fun and colorful charmer from Cat Dancer. If you want to give their cat a nice workout session, then this toy will do the trick.
Cat Backpack Carrier

30. Cat Backpack Carrier

Let their cat travel in style with this comfortable, collapsible, and washable carrier. No more uncomfortable crate for the furry friend, this carrier will be their cat's new favorite way to get around.
Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

31. Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Pairing two of every cats favorite things to do is the Bergan Turbo Scratcher. Your furry friend will stay busy with either chasing around the ball in the channel or using the scratch pad in the middle.
Go Pet Club Cat Tree

32. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Any cat will feel like the king of the castle with this amazing cat tower. Featuring a scratcher, lounge, tunnels and swing toy, gift your cat lover this and their cat will never want to leave.
Lion Cat Costume

33. Lion Cat Costume

Are you a cat lover looking for gift ideas for your cat? Hear your feline friend roar with this adorable and great lion costume from Pet Krewe. This costume is great for halloween or if you feel like having a little lion walking around your home for extra protection.
Self Washing & Self Flushing Cat Box

34. Self Washing & Self Flushing Cat Box

Say goodbye to cleaning cat litter with the perfect gift for you and your cat. There is no litter involved as it uses washable granules. Once your cat is done with its business, it will wash all the waste away without you having to change it, how great is that!
Hide and Seek Mouse Hunt

35. Hide and Seek Mouse Hunt

Mice have always been a cats enemy and what better toy to bring out their hunting instincts then this electronic hide and seek mouse hunt. Your cat will have the thrill of its life trying to catch this mouse as it stops and reverses back and forth over and over again.
Illuminated Play Circuit

36. Illuminated Play Circuit

Keep your cat entertained for hours with this Catit Design Senses Play Circuit. Cats love the chase and this toy has a motion-activated ball that illuminates and zips around inside, making it their absolutely new favorite toy.
Interactive Laser Toy

37. Interactive Laser Toy

The chase is on as your cat can enjoy endless entertainment with the FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laster toy. Place it anywhere in your home and watch your cat pounce and frolic around trying to catch the laser. Trust us, you'll enjoy it as much as they do.
Cat Face Door Hanger

38. Cat Face Door Hanger

Hang all your cat adorned cardigans on these adorable cat adorned door hanger hooks! Use them to organize your door into; clothes constantly covered in cat hair and clothes that kind of repel cat hair. Thankfully, the cat hair will blend right in.
Sleeping Kitty Wine Stem Charms

39. Sleeping Kitty Wine Stem Charms

There is at least one person (probably a few, really) in your life who’s spirit animal is a sleepy kitty wrapped around the stem of a wine glass. This is the gift for that person.
Kitten Wine Glass Charms

40. Kitten Wine Glass Charms

Keep track of everyone’s glass at your next wine mixer with these darling kitten charms. Imbue them with little personalities that match your guests; shy, wild, rowdy, fierce, and make everyone in attendance a de-facto cat person. Such a unique gift for a cat lover.
Show Me Your Kitties Coffee Mug

41. Show Me Your Kitties Coffee Mug

Prepare for a few double takes during tea time. This slightly NSFW mug shows that you might be a “cat person” but you still have a wild side. And also that you’re always down to check out those kitties.
Salt and Pepper Holder

42. Salt and Pepper Holder

Whether or not you allow your actual cat on the kitchen table, this kitty is always welcome to hang out plate-side. Plus, he won’t shed onto your dinner or leave a trail of muddy paw prints across your good table cloths.
Sticky Kitty Book Markers

43. Sticky Kitty Book Markers

Mark your books while studying with these delightful, smiling, kitty faces. How could you not retain all that powerful knowledge with these grinning feline friends encouraging you? You can mew it!
How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You Book

44. How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You Book

The only way to know if your cat is chaotic evil is with the guidance of this book. Spoiler alert, most cats are chaotic evil; when the revolution comes, they’ll probably kill you first.
Kitty Faux Thigh High Leggings

45. Kitty Faux Thigh High Leggings

These mock thigh high stockings are perfect for the stylish little minx in your life. They’re sexy with a dash of cute! They may have to be kept locked away lest they fall prey to kitty’s claws. But they’ll love them nonetheless.
Kitty Cat Socks

46. Kitty Cat Socks

Kitty ankle socks are a great way to proclaim to everyone (that can see your ankles) that your are serious about your cat-love. They also give your kitty someone to look at while they curl up at your feet. Another perfect gift for a cat lover.
Kitty Face Coin Purse

47. Kitty Face Coin Purse

Trouble balancing the budget between cat toys, treats and accessories? A sure way to save money is to have this somber kitty judge all of your spending decisions. Your needs are secondary only to your cat, and this purse serves to remind you of that fact.
Kitty Cat Bag Clip

48. Kitty Cat Bag Clip

Proper bag clips are a household necessity. Kitty cat faces all over the house are also a necessity. This little guy takes care of both of those needs, tout suite! If your cat treat bags aren’t clipped with this little guy, you’re missing out.
I Could Pee On This – Poems By Cats

49. I Could Pee On This – Poems By Cats

You’ve always known your cat had the soul of a poet (and the ability to pee anywhere, anytime, on anything), this book just proves it. Be careful not to let kitty pee on this book, but, hey, if it happens, it happens. An awesome gift for the cat lover in your life.
Emergency Meow Button

50. Emergency Meow Button

Long days in the office got you down? Missing your kitty cat life partner? The emergency cat button won’t nuzzle your leg, but it will give you a sweet little meow to hold you over.
Cat Embossed Rolling Pin

51. Cat Embossed Rolling Pin

The dough possibilities this cat embossed rolling pin presents are endless; kitty biscuits, kitty pies, kitty cookies and more. Even better, you could even bake a few kitten embossed items for yourself (if you cat allows it).
Cat Egg Mold

52. Cat Egg Mold

Crack two eggs into this delightful kitty cat face and serve up an unforgettable Caturday brunch. Sunny side up eggs have never been so adorable – now, if only you can get the hashbrowns to purr…
Chair Paws

53. Chair Paws

Make any four legged piece of furniture in your home into a four pawed friend with these twee, furniture socks. They’ll also prevent scuffing of hardwood floors and make scooting heavier furniture a breeze. Kitten mittens for the whole house!
Cat-Opoly Board Game

54. Cat-Opoly Board Game

Test your level of cattitude with this fun, feline laden spin on Monopoly. You can play with your cats, but you’ll mostly end up playing for your cats. Not because they lack dexterity but because they’re known to cheat. Good as a housewarming gift for a cat owner.
Cats On A Wire Picture Holder

55. Cats On A Wire Picture Holder

Is there are cuter, more appropriate way to display many pictures of your cats than with this kitty cat wire photo hanger? Pro-tip; keep the dangling ends out of kitty’s reach, unless detangling cats from wires is a joy of yours, then by all means, dangle away.
Cat Wine Bottle Holder

56. Cat Wine Bottle Holder

Store your cat-wine in this drunken-kitty wine bottle holder because yes, cat wine is a thing. We can’t guarantee that your cat will look as ridiculous drinking said wine as this cat does, but there’s still something to be said for imbibing with felines. Perfect item to gift for your wine lover friend!
Space Cat Curtain

57. Space Cat Curtain

Pro tip; your cats clean themselves – regardless of what’s implied by this shower curtain, space cat doesn’t need to share shower time with you.
Paw Print Bottle Opener

58. Paw Print Bottle Opener

If their kitties are already pawing at their bottles, why not make it all the way official and just wrap a paw around that bottle cap with this paw-print bottle opener. Your cat can live vicariously through the opener until he or she evolves thumbs and starts opening bottles themselves.
Cat Shaped Pasta

59. Cat Shaped Pasta

Why settle for bowtie, rotini, or farfalle when you could eat kitty cat pasta? These pasta shapes come in pawprints and smiling cat faces – as if you didn’t spend enough time face to face with your cat. Isn’t cat parenthood delicious?
Stretching Kitty Paper Towel Holder

60. Stretching Kitty Paper Towel Holder

Take a lesson in yoga from this little kitty, then use it to clean up the messes left by your other little kitty. How droll to display your roll of hairball cleaners on a lovely, sculpted homage to the maker of said hairballs.
Kitty Pot Holder

61. Kitty Pot Holder

This kitty will protect your precious mitts against hot pots and pans. Use it as a pot holder or use it as a puppet friend for your kitty. The bell on the collar is just too cute to only be hidden under hot pans.
Cat and Kitten Mug and Spoon Set

62. Cat and Kitten Mug and Spoon Set

You don’t have to be a cat lover to see how useful this mug set can be in your kitchen. A big mama cat mug and a dainty kitten spoon for all your coffee stirring, tea swirling and soup sipping needs.
Crazy Cat Lady Board Game

63. Crazy Cat Lady Board Game

What do you buy a crazy cat lady? A Crazy Cat Lady Board Game of course! You may not be able to play this with your actual cats, but don’t let that stop you from trying. They may or may not appreciate that the goal is to collect feral cats, so, you know, judgement call on your part.
Pet Holder Hoodie

64. Pet Holder Hoodie

Take your kitty cat anywhere in this marsupial-style hoodie. The pouch will snugly hold your feline companion – if they’ll allow it. Pro tip – train your kittens to nuzzle into this pocket early and they’ll happily climb in well into adulthood.
Kitten Ear Headphones

65. Kitten Ear Headphones

These adorable headphones play music in the headsets or from cat ear speakers. They are equal parts noise reduction and noise sharing, almost like the feral cats that purr at your feet but also scream like banshees in the night. This is the coolest accessory to gift your cat lover friend!
Cat Butt Pencil Sharpener

66. Cat Butt Pencil Sharpener

A hilarious desk gift for cat lovers out there. Stick your pencil in the cat's rear and watch it get sharp-\'end\'.
Cat Butt Magnets

67. Cat Butt Magnets

Truly, there are some that never tire of staring down the business end of their cat. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s beside the point. Some folks love cat butts, so why shouldn’t that love extend to fridge magnets? Go ahead and give your buddies the cat lover gift of never ending kitty booties.

Fantastic Gift Ideas For The Cat Owner In Your Life

What to gift someone who likes cats?

One of the best gifts for someone who likes cats is something that will make their furry friend feel comfortable and at home. A soft and cozy bed is always a welcome addition, and there are plenty of different designs to choose from. If you're looking for something a little more unique, why not try a heated bed? They're perfect for winter months, and cats love them!

Cats are known for being particular about their environment and like to have a designated spot where they can relax. A comfortable bed is the perfect way to give your cat lover friend the best of both worlds – a practical gift that their cat will love too!

Alternatively, you could choose a present that is more geared towards the human recipient, such as a new book or a set of cozy pajamas. No matter what you choose, it is sure to be appreciated by the cat lover in your life!