The 44 Best Gifts For Pilots & Aviators Alike

Navigating the skies of gift-giving for pilots can feel like attempting a crosswind landing in a Cessna – a tad challenging and requiring just the right touch

So you're out looking for awesome gift ideas for your pilot friends, or for that special aviator in your life? Maybe you're looking for something practical like a special bag for them to carry the necessities onto the plane with them. Or maybe you want to give them something to pass time quicker while they're in the airport.

Whatever the reason, we've got you covered! The following list is sure to help you find awesome gifts for pilots no matter what they fly or how far they are into their training. So fasten your seatbelts and please make sure your trays are in the upright and locked position, let's take off and see what the sky has to offer us!

Awesome Gift Ideas For Pilots That'll Have Him On Cloud Nine

P-51 Flight Manual

1. P-51 Flight Manual

Give the gift of a piece of World War 2 history to that aviation enthusiast in your life. This is a reproduction of the original flight manual for one of the most recognized fighter planes of World War 2.

This is the original declassified military manual reprinted in book form and is a wonderful gift for any aviator or history buff.

Girl Can Fly Mug

2. Girl Can Fly Mug

Men aren't the only ones who can fly a plane. Gift this mug to your favorite pilot and let her declare that she's right where she belongs doing exactly what she wants to be doing, and proud of it. Move over boys, because This Girl Can Fly!
How Planes Fly Mug

3. How Planes Fly Mug

Pilots get asked all the time, 'what makes airplanes fly?' With this mug, they won't have to make stuff up anymore, they'll have a handy dandy explanatory guide right at their fingertips! Gift your favorite aviator this mug and they'll always be able to answer the question down to the exact detail.

How do planes fly?


Custom Plaque

4. Custom Plaque

What would be better than a custom portrait? How about the gift of a custom pilot's plaque complete with the name of the aviator and the date they began flying? This gift will occupy a place of prominence on any wall, and will surely warm the heart of whoever receives it from you.
Cockpit Desk Chair

5. Cockpit Desk Chair

Give your aviator friend the gift of feeling like they're in the cockpit even when they're on the ground! This aviation chair is actually a retired Southwest Airlines cockpit seat, right down to the safety belts. These chairs are custom-made by giving the gift of a piece of aviation history in the form of a real cockpit chair that has seen real flight!
Vintage Aviation Knowledge Poster

6. Vintage Aviation Knowledge Poster

This is an old-school poster of old-school knowledge. Aviators back in the day would receive instruction manuals that featured information like this and were expected to memorize them. Give the gift of a little bit of aviation history to the pilot in your life. Especially good for history buffs.
Wife Cess Nah Shirt

7. Wife Cess Nah Shirt

For those who have flight planning on the brain, and who dream of flying in the wild blue yonder, but have legitimate reasons why they can't have their own airplane. This gift is sure to get a grin out of the aviator who has to beg or borrow flight time from his fellows, and might get a chuckle out of his significant other as well.
Spelling Problems Mug

8. Spelling Problems Mug

Sometimes you just have to poke fun at someone, and sometimes the best way to do that is with a funny gift. This humorous mug is sure to make any aviatior chuckle, and possibly chase you out of their house with a broom. That's okay though, you'll probably be laughing all the way out.
Spontaneously Talk About Planes Mug

9. Spontaneously Talk About Planes Mug

These mugs can be gifts both for the aviation enthusiast in your life and for everyone around them. Because talking about aircraft is one of the hazards of flying life, and everyone should know it. This mug is a fun little gift that is sure to put a smile on someone's face. And possibly convince them to make a run for the exit.
Classic Vintage Propeller Desk Mat

10. Classic Vintage Propeller Desk Mat

Another piece of functional art for your pilot friends: this classic propeller desk mat will truly grace any desk on which it resides. It's also one of the less expensive items on this list, so if you're looking for gift ideas that won't break your wallet but will still be well-received by your friends, this is an excellent place to start.
Altimeter Clock

11. Altimeter Clock

Sometimes pilots want a constant reminder of their time in the air, a reminder of who they are and what they do. This wall clock is patterned after a modern altimeter gauge in the cockpit and is certain to brighten any pilot's room. It also tells time, which is a plus when it comes to clocks.
Amazon Basics Scratch Off World Map

12. Amazon Basics Scratch Off World Map

Pilots travel. Yes, we know that's an obvious statement, but it's also true; pilots travel all around the world. This 16\'x24\' wall poster lets your pilot scratch off each of the countries they've visited, so they know where they've been, and where they have yet to go. This gift Includes a special pen to make scratching off the gold foil easier.
What Part Of - Poster

13. What Part Of - Poster

It was on a shirt earlier in this list, now it's on your wall! Well, on the wall of the person you're giving it to as a gift, anyways. The instrument panel of an airplane makes for a wonderful piece of wall art for your friend to look at during their free time, and for them to confuse everyone else who comes into that particular room.
Jet Fuel Scented Candle

14. Jet Fuel Scented Candle

Sometimes you have to get creative with your gift ideas when it comes to pilots. What do you give an aviation enthusiast who already has everything?

How about a scented candle that smells exactly like jet fuel? Now they can reminisce about their time on the tarmac without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. Whether it's for a weekend-flier or a committed aviator, this candle is one great pilot gift you shouldn't hesitate to give.

Stainless Steel Airplane Water Bottle

15. Stainless Steel Airplane Water Bottle

An absolute must-have for pilots, especially those who fly long hours on long flights. Super durable thanks to its stainless steel construction, this water bottle is perfect for any kind of cool drink or in-flight refreshment that pilots may want to take with them on their flight.
Rather Be Flying Socks

16. Rather Be Flying Socks

Pilots would always rather be flying, so why not let them say it with their feet? Gift your aviation enthusiast with a pair of comfortable and stylish feet warmers like these and let them walk around in comfort. At least until the next time they get to fly off into the great blue beyond.
Left Rudder Right Rudder Socks

17. Left Rudder Right Rudder Socks

The best gift ideas are those that are both useful to and bring out emotions in the receiver, and that brings joy to both parties. These socks are perfect for that pilot who, in your opinion, needs just a little bit of help remembering their right foot from their left. Sure to get a grin from a pilot with a sense of humor, and certain to bring a smile to your face when you see the expression on theirs as they open their new footwear.
Instruments Mug

18. Instruments Mug

Many pilots enjoy a good cuppa joe before they get on that haul from Dulles to Miami. This instruments mug will keep their drinks hot and their spirits up as they prepare for those long flights. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or anything else they'd care to sip, this gift mug is the perfect sipping accouterment.
Easily Distracted By Airplanes T-shirt

19. Easily Distracted By Airplanes T-shirt

If there's one thing that unites pilots and non-pilots, it's this: We are all of us easily distracted by airplanes. And with this shirt, your pilot can declare it to the world. Big planes and small planes, they distract us, and there's no shame in that. Let this gift be a statement of that fact.
Only Six Pack T-shirt

20. Only Six Pack T-shirt

Pilots don't drink on the job. Or before the job. And sometimes not even after the job. Because no one wants a tip captain in flight. But that's okay because like this shirt states, there's only one six-pack any true-blue pilot needs.

Gift them this shirt and let them wear and say it with pride: a pilot only needs one kind of six-pack to get through their day, and it gives them a better buzz than any draft beer possibly could.

Pilot Superpower Notebook

21. Pilot Superpower Notebook

Another in the 'notebook' category of unique pilot gifts, this one just comes straight out and says it: Pilots are superheroes. I mean, we all know it, and some of us even think it, but now you can give a pilot the gift that just straight up says it out loud. Piloting is a super power, and they've got it.
Getting High Is My Job Notebook

22. Getting High Is My Job Notebook

A great gift for pilots with a sense of humor, this notebook will be sure to get a few chuckles whenever it is used to jot down a note or message. Useful for keeping track of their busy schedules, or just as an eye-catching conversation piece, this is one of those gifts for pilots that will just keep on giving.
I Can Fly Jewelry

23. I Can Fly Jewelry

This gift actually constitutes several gift ideas. Available in all different sizes and styles, the I Can Fly piece is sterling silver and is a great gift for any pilot. It can be fashioned into most types of jewelry, from rings to chokers to necklaces, and so can be custom-ordered to match the wardrobe of many pilots.
Sungait Polarized Sunglasses

24. Sungait Polarized Sunglasses

They don't call them 'Aviators' for nothing! Gift your pilot a pair of these stylish ultra-lightweight sunglasses, complete with polarized lenses, and they'll be protected from bright sunlite and UV rays while they soar above the rest of us, and they'll look mighty good while doing it.

Move over Maverick, there's a new pilot on the tarmac!

F-16 Blueprint Wall Art

25. F-16 Blueprint Wall Art

Whether you're buying it for an active or retired military pilot, or if you want a great gift for a military buff, this replica of the F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter plane is something they're sure to love displaying on their wall. It will be the final word in their home decor for certain.
Silver Airplane Bottle Opener

26. Silver Airplane Bottle Opener

These little silver bottle openers make great gifts for pilots. You get 16 in a pack, so you don't have to limit yourself to a single gift to a single pilot, give them to every pilot you know. Or give them all to one pilot and demand that they spread it around to their colleagues.

Whether for one pilot or many pilots, these little darings make great pilot gifts.

Tactical Flight Bag

27. Tactical Flight Bag

Some flight bags are made superior to others. For those looking to gift their aviation enthusiast with something a little more substantial, the Farm Blue tactical flight bag is just the ticket. It's a military-grade parachute aviator's flight bag with enough room to store all the accessories your pilot will need to haul from airport to airport. Plus, it looks really really cool.
Wright Brothers Poster

28. Wright Brothers Poster

Man has been flying since 1903, and what better way to commemorate that fact than with a reproduction of the original Wright Brothers plane that flew at Kittyhawk? Gift a pilot something special, a reminder of where the greatest thrill in their life started, and how far it has come since then.
Not Perfect Pilot Sign

29. Not Perfect Pilot Sign

Sometimes people just need to be reminded how awesome pilots can be. Why not gift your pilot with this decorative sign that does just that? They can hang this little beauty on the wall for everyone to see, and to remind their guests of just how good they are.
Kindle Paperwhite

30. Kindle Paperwhite

There's not a lot of entertainment to be had at 35,000 feet in the air, and it's not as easy to lug a bunch of paper books along into the cockpit, so why not send your pilot off into the wild blue yonder with as many books and magazines as Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite can hold? They'll be certain to thank you for their new gift as they pull up their favorite books and settle in for that long-haul flight.
Solar Powered Portable Charger

31. Solar Powered Portable Charger

When you're searching for great pilot gifts, one fantastic gift is some kind of portable power bank for pilots to recharge their phones or tablets or other tech gadgets. This solar powered portable battery features quick-charging technology, four USB ports for power, and a flashlight just in case your pilot gets stuck somewhere dark. Don't let them leave home without it!
Lightspeed Zulu 3 Headset

32. Lightspeed Zulu 3 Headset

Pilots spend most of their days sitting in a chair with a big hunk of plastic and foam strapped to their noggins, which means comfortable headsets are a must-have. Aviation headsets make for some of the best gifts you can give a pilot, especially if they are high-end and comfortable.

The Lightspeed Zulu 3 is at the higher end of the price spectrum, but it's also one of the best you can buy, and it will be certain to delight any pilot who receives it as a gift.

Worlds Okayest Pilot Mug

33. Worlds Okayest Pilot Mug

So maybe you're tired of being reminded of how awesome pilots are and you need to take one down a peg or two, just for fun. If that's the case, then a great gift is this \'World's Okayest Pilot\' mug. Let your favorite pilot know exactly what you think about them, in a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek manner.

They'll be sure to thank you for it, once their ego has healed sufficiently.

Pilot In Progress T-shirt

34. Pilot In Progress T-shirt

Do you know a trainee pilot? Do they want to let everyone around them know that they're in training to take on one of the coolest jobs in the world? Of course they do. That's why this shirt is just what they need to let them wear their progress on their sleeve with pride. It's sure to get a smile from your trainee pilot friend, and maybe a groan or two from the people around them.
Cool Pilot Dad T-shirt

35. Cool Pilot Dad T-shirt

Let's face it; pilots are cool. Dads are cool. And pilot dads are the coolest of them all. Let that special pilot dad in your life know just how awesome he is with this shirt -- though let's be honest, he probably already knows. Because pilots are awesome like that.
Airplane Paperclips

36. Airplane Paperclips

Even pilots have to deal with paperwork sometimes, and what better way to help them complete it successfully than with these airplane-shaped paperclips? They make the perfect aviation gifts for any pilot who wants to get through their paperwork as quickly as possible so they can get back in the air.
Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk Pilot's Watch

37. Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk Pilot's Watch

Looking for pilot gifts that are both stylish and useful for the pilot in your life? Then look no further than the Eco-Drive Navihawk AT. With a myriad of features such as multiple time zones and conversion tables for fuel and even automatic time adjustment synced to an atomic clock, this watch is a great gift that is sure to delight the pilot in your life and confuse the ever-loving heck out of everyone else.
Be Nice, I Might Be Your Pilot Shirt

38. Be Nice, I Might Be Your Pilot Shirt

Never cheese off your captain. It's a rule we all should live by. This shirt is both amusing and a useful reminder for anyone your pilot-in-training might come across to please be nice, you never know who's going to be at the controls of a giant metal tube hurtling through the air someday. It's one of the best gifts for new pilots you can get them.
Design 4 Pilots Brand Pilot's Bag

39. Design 4 Pilots Brand Pilot's Bag

No list of gifts for pilots would be complete if there weren't one or two flight bags on it. This specially designed pilot's bag is lightweight for easy carrying and has special pockets and pouches for everything from approach charts to headsets to a change of clothes for those long red-eye flights. It's the perfect gift for the pilot who's always on the go.
Instrument Coasters

40. Instrument Coasters

This set of cork instrument panel coasters is a cool gift for pilots looking for somewhere to land their favorite drink, especially after a long day of soaring through the heavens. And with six of them in the pack, they'll never have to worry about rings on their tables when guests drop by unexpectedly.
What Part of - Don't You Understand T-shirt

41. What Part of - Don't You Understand T-shirt

The instrument panel on an airplane is like an open book for a pilot, easily read and easily understood. To the rest of us, it's pictures that make our heads hurt. The \'What part of...\' Shirt is one of the best gifts for pilots, and one of the funniest, and will surely delight the pilot friend or family member in your life. It'll let them show off just how knowledgeable they are about aviation, too.

Gifts For Pilots | FAQs

What are some of the most popular pilot gifts?

Pilots are a unique group of people with unique needs, and as such they can be difficult to buy gifts for. However, there are many great gift ideas out there specifically tailored for pilots that make perfect presents for friends and family members who love to fly.

Aviation-themed accessories

One of the simplest but most popular gifts for pilots is something aviation-themed. There are many great options to choose from, from pilot watches and sunglasses to aviation-themed T-shirts and mugs. These items are both practical and affordable, and they are sure to please any pilot.

Pilot gear

Another great option for pilot gifts is practical gear that pilots can use in their work. This might include things like flight bags, checklists, or even aircraft manuals. These items can be expensive, but they are sure to be appreciated by any pilot.

Flight simulator software

For pilots who love to fly but don’t have the opportunity to.

Flight simulator software can be an excellent gift for pilots. It allows them to experience flying without having to leave the ground. There are many different types of flight simulator software available, so pilots can find one that suits their interests and skill level.