The 38 Best Pokemon Gifts For Adults

For the ultimate Poké-fanatics: Dive into a world of rare finds and treasures that even a Master Ball can't capture!

Since its debut in 1996, the Pokémon phenomenon has charmed not just the ankle-biters but also those who've lived through the legendary Y2K scare and remember tunes from the cassette era. Some might chuckle and see it as child's play, but shopping for Pokémon-themed goodies is a cinch for the kiddos.

But how about those seasoned fans? The ones balancing spreadsheets by day, but by night, they're on a relentless hunt, driven by the nostalgia and dream of being the ultimate Pokémon Master?

Worry not! We've traversed the vast digital realm to fetch you some top-tier Pokémon treasures that'll make even the most grown-up fans' hearts go 'Pika-Pika' with joy.

The perfect gift for pokemon fans of all ages

Pokemon Earrings

1. Pokemon Earrings

Give the unique gift of a set of small, minimalist-inspired earrings made from sterling silver and fashioned in the shape of their favorite Pokemon characters and items from the show and games. Comes with earrings in the shape of Pikachu, Pichu, Pokeballs and more.

Certified Pokemon Trainer Mug

2. Certified Pokemon Trainer Mug

Sometimes people just want to declare their adoration for Pokemon to whoever enters the room. This Certified Pokemon Trainer Mug is perfect for those fans who enjoy a good chuckle and also aren't shy about letting others know just how much they enjoy Pokemon.

Pokemon Wall Decals

3. Pokemon Wall Decals

Do you know someone who loves Pokemon so much they want to put it on their wall? Well now they can, with these giant peel-and-stick wall stickers, your friend or family member can display the Pokemon they love for all to see as soon as they walk into a room.

The Pikachu sticker measures 17\' x 18\', and comes with an assortment of smaller stickers to make the perfect Pokemon diorama.

Binder for Pokemon Cards

4. Binder for Pokemon Cards

Chances are you know someone who still has all their Pokemon trading cards from back in the day, or maybe you know someone who's still an avid collector? Either way, this 440-pocket binder is one of the perfect Pokemon gifts to help them organize their collection. Also comes with removable sleeves for showing off special cards.
Snorlax Word Notebook

5. Snorlax Word Notebook

The perfect gift for the writer in your life, or just for someone who enjoys Pokemon and occasionally needs to write things down! With the silouhette of one of the best known Pokemon made up of words on the cover, and with its extra-large college-ruled paper, this is the perfect gift for any Pokemon fan who enjoys putting pen to paper.
Pokemon Go Walk T-Shirt

6. Pokemon Go Walk T-Shirt

Pokemon Go is one of those games that has garnered a rabid fanbase around the world, and the best way to play it? Walking, of course! And if you know a fan of the game or the series in general, this shirt makes the perfect comedic gift for them.

Because let's face it, sometimes that desire to go out and catch little electronic versions of their favorite Pokemon really is the only thing that gets some people out the door!

Electronic Die-Cast Pokeball

7. Electronic Die-Cast Pokeball

We've said it before and we'll say it again, sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are elegant in their simplicity. This is a precision-painted display-grade Pokeball with a metal shell and multi-color light-up button. It is an officially licensed product of Pokemon Company International.

Each Pokeball has its own unique serial number, making them eminently collectible. It's a perfect gift for those Pokemon fans who are just looking to demonstrate their enjoyment of the series without being flashy or ostentatious about it.

Don't Need 'Em All Mug

8. Don't Need 'Em All Mug

If you're looking to up the 'awww' factor of your gift, this \'I don't need 'em all\' mug strikes that perfect balance between showing affection for Pokemon and showing affection for the love in your life. Your significant other is certain to wind up with a smile as big as Meowth's when they open up their gift and find this precious mug and its endearing message looking back at them.
Pokemon Screaming Psyduck T-Shirt

9. Pokemon Screaming Psyduck T-Shirt

Some people may say that Pokemon is not high art. Now, with this shirt, you can prove them wrong. Inspired by Edvard Munch's \'The Scream\', this shirt recreates that famous painting in warmer colors and with the imminently recognizable Psyduck as the main subject.

If you know a Pokemon fan who also happens to be an artist or art lover, this is the perfect shirt for them. It's sure to get a chuckle from anyone familiar with the original painting, and an even bigger chuckle from those who are familiar with both Pokemon and impressionist art.

Pokemon Charm

10. Pokemon Charm

Sometimes the best gifts are simple, elegant ones. This silver Pokemon charm, small and simple and custom engraved, are the perfect gift for those who aren't looking for something showy but still want to communicate their adoration of both Pokemon and that special someone in their life. Even better if you both share a fondness for the series as you do for one another.
Pokemon Shining Pearl & Brilliant Diamond Double Pack

11. Pokemon Shining Pearl & Brilliant Diamond Double Pack

The latest--as of this writing-- video games in the Pokemon series for the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon fans of all ages will find delight as they discover new adventures and new catchable Pokemon in these games. After all, you can only catch them all if you've got the game, right?
Pokenatomy Book

12. Pokenatomy Book

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along comes a book that lets you dive even deeper into the lore of Pokemon. This is a beautifully illustrated unofficial guide to the anatomy of various Pokemon from the series and video games. Details include skeletal structure as well as unique features of each Pokemon listed within.

The perfect gift for any Pokemon fan who has always wondered just how certain aspects of a Pokemon works. Also makes a great gift for any medical student who also remains enamored of Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite! Pokeball T-Shirt

13. Pokemon Unite! Pokeball T-Shirt

What seems a simple design at first quickly becomes more complex when you realize that the Pokeball on this unisex T-shirt is actually made up of the silhouettes of various Pokemon from the series and video games. Why give a single Pokemon to your favorite Pokemon fanatic when you can give dozens? This shirt lets you do exactly that. And it's even fashionable!

Pikachu Plushie

14. Pikachu Plushie

A perfect compliment to the plushies discussed elsewhere on this list, this Pikachu plushie stands 12\' tall and is perfect for displaying on a shelf or amongst other plushies on a bed or couch. Or for just cuddling up on a chilly night. An excellent gift for Pokemon fans of all ages and sure to bring a smile to their face.
Pokemon Almanac

15. Pokemon Almanac

For the true Pokemon collector out there, this book has it all. It's dedicated to the Pokemon trading card game and lists every single Pokemon card known to exist from the years 1996 through 2020. Included are descriptions of rares, misprints, and unusual cards. Also gives tips on spotting counterfeits.

This book is a sure-fire winner for any Pokemon fan to receive, and will surely find a place of honor on the coffee table or on the bookshelf.

Pokemon Coasters

16. Pokemon Coasters

Now that you've given your Pokemon fan something to drink out of, it's time to give them something on which to place said drinks! Give them the gift of these stylish wood coasters depicting some of the most recognizable Pokemon in the series along with the series logo. Sure to be well-received by any Pokemon fan who enjoys a drink now and again.
Gotta Drink It All Flask

17. Gotta Drink It All Flask

So you saw the shot glasses earlier in this list and thought \'Well that's great and all, but what if I want to gift someone something that allows them to take their drink with them on the go but without giving up their demonstration of my love for Pokemon?\' Fret not, we have you covered.

The \'Gotta Drink It All' flask available from Betsy allows you to do just that. It is a custom-engraved powder-finished stainless steel flask that comes in a variety of colors, depicting an image inspired by the renowned Pokeball and holding up to 6 ounces of whatever liquid your Pokemon fan wishes.

Snorlax Plushie

18. Snorlax Plushie

This stuffed animal of everyone's favorite lazy Pokemon makes a great gift for any Pokefan and will make the perfect addition. Whether they're just starting out as a new trainer or they've collected dozens, the Snorlax plushie should always find a place in any trainer's collection.
Veridian City Gym Shirt

19. Veridian City Gym Shirt

You can never have too many shirts on a \'Best Gifts\' list. Because after all, who doesn't love declaring their love of something by wearing it on their body?

Gift a Pokemon fan the gift of the Veridian City gym shirt and let them bravely declare \'yes, I'm a Pokemon fan, and I know way more about the series than you do!\' They'll be sure to thank you for it.

Pikachu Crossbody Bag

20. Pikachu Crossbody Bag

The best Pokemon gift ideas are sometimes the simplest. Convenient, minimalist in design, and ultimately stylish; this bag has it all. The sepia tone of this Pokemon crossbody bag gives an air of understated elegance that allows a Pokemon fan to declare their love of the series without being ostentatious about it.

Plus it has Pikachu on it, so the cuteness factor is enhanced by a factor of roughly 4000. Perfect for carrying around everyday items.

Pokemon Blanket

21. Pokemon Blanket

When it comes to gift ideas, sometimes it's not enough to enjoy a show or game. Sometimes you just want to wrap yourself up in it and go to sleep with it all around you. That's where this big Pokemon blanket comes in!

Whether as an accent piece on your couch, a piece of hanging wall art for that huge wall you just never could do anything with, or as a bedspread, this blanket is sure to bring a smile to any Pokemon fan's face when they open it up and see all their favorite pocket monsters smiling up at them.

Weighted Plush Pokeball

22. Weighted Plush Pokeball

Sometimes even the most adult of us just wants to cuddle up with a big soft plushie. So what better gift for the adult Pokefan in your life than this weighted 4\' Pokeball plushie? It represents the classic Pokeball perfectly, and its weighted base means it won't roll away from wherever you place it when you're not snuggling up to it.
Oddish Planter

23. Oddish Planter

Sometimes Pokemon gift ideas are silly and for decoration or display only. Other times they are functional and serve a purpose beyond merely declaring one's love for the Pokeverse. This cement Oddish planter is one of them.

Put your favorite plant in this cute little guy's head and watch it grow into the happy little plant it was meant to be. Bonus points if you grow a plant that has stalks similar to what Oddish looks like in the lore.

Snorlax Not Today Shirt

24. Snorlax Not Today Shirt

True Pokefans recognize just about every Pokemon in existence, but some are more easily identifiable than others. The lazy Snorlax is one of those Pokemon and has become synonymous with lethargic individuals who just would rather put things off for another hour or so.

Eevee Wallet

25. Eevee Wallet

When it comes to gift ideas, \'Put your money where your mouth is!\' is an old phrase but just as relevant to this list, because Pokemon fans love talking about Pokemon! So why not give your favorite Pokefan a way to put their money where their mouth is with this Eevee zipper wallet? Depicts eight of Eevee's evolutionary forms and is is officially licensed Pokemon merchandise, perfect for the Pokemon connoisseur.
Pokemon Text Customized Nameplate

26. Pokemon Text Customized Nameplate

Sometimes it's not enough to just enjoy Pokemon in electronic form, sometimes a true fan wants to bring a part of the show or game out into the real world. And one of the best Pokemon gifts with which to do that is a custom nameplate like this one.

This custom nameplate allows you to get the name of your friend or family member printed up in the same text style as that used by the games and show, and is sure to be a wonderful addition to their Pokemon memorabilia.

Pokemon Starters Shot Glass Set

27. Pokemon Starters Shot Glass Set

Let's face it, one of the perks of being an adult is being able to consume a refreshing adult beverage of our choice. So if you're looking for great Pokemon gift ideas, why not gift the Pokemon fan in your life with something that allows them to enjoy that aspect of adulthood while also partaking in his love of all things Pokemon?

This etched shot glass set depicts the original three starter Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue and makes a wonderful and funny gift for any Pokefan.

Laser-Engraved Pokeball Lamp

28. Laser-Engraved Pokeball Lamp

This crystalline Pokeball has been etched with lasers to make it appear like your favorite Pokemon is actually residing within the ball itself. It glows with an inner light and changes color through 7 different LED lights and is powered by either batteries or the included USB cable. Perfect for those Pokemaniacs who want to bring their hobby into the real world.
Pokemon Sock Pack

29. Pokemon Sock Pack

Okay, look; adults get socks as gifts. It's like a law or something. But just because you're giving the gift of socks doesn't mean they have to be the plain boring white ones. If they're going to be getting socks anyways, you might as well give them socks they'll love to wear!

These socks come in a six-pack of the most recognizable Pokemon characters and are perfect for those long gaming sessions on chilly mornings!

Codex Pokemonus Illuminated Manuscript

30. Codex Pokemonus Illuminated Manuscript

This is a 32-page book featuring Pokemon from the original Red and Blue video games illustrated in the Illuminated style of medieval manuscripts. The illustrations depict Pokemon like you have never seen them before, and the text descriptions replicate the illuminated style of the 1400s. A worthy gift to give to any Pokemon lover.

Gym League Badges and Counter Coins

31. Gym League Badges and Counter Coins

No Pokemon fan should be without a physical representation of their affection for the series, and what better gift than a set of their very own gym badges? These badges are won from Gym Leaders in the games and in the show, and signify another step on the road to becoming a Pokemon Master!

Don't send your favorite Pokemon trainer out into the world without a collection of gym badges they can pin to their shirt. It's one of the best Pokemon gifts you can give!

Pokemon Monopoly

32. Pokemon Monopoly

Why yes, they have indeed made a Pokemon version of the age-old Hasbro board game. And while it plays much the same as the venerable pastime, it has been updated to showcase the various aspects of the series. Now Pokemon fans can own a piece of the Pokemon world, both figuratively and literally as you vie against other Pokemon trainers to become the greatest trainer in the game.

Just don't forget to pay your rent!

Pikachu Slippers

33. Pikachu Slippers

Yeah, you knew these were coming. It's practically a given. No Pokemon gift list would be complete without the option of buying a pair of fuzzy yellow slippers with the face of the single most recognizable Pokemon in the world.

But that's only because it's such an awesome gift and one of the best gift ideas out there! What poke-fan wouldn't want to lounge about the house in a pair of fuzzy yellow Pikachu slippers? They're cute, they're comfortable, and they're perfect for keeping feet warm on a cold day. Other Pokemon such as Snorlax or Psyduck are available upon request.

Raichu Stuffed Plushie

34. Raichu Stuffed Plushie

Give the gift of cute little Pikachu's evolved form! This 12\' tall plushie is the perfect addition to any Pokemon fan's room, and will surely be well-received when you give it to them as a gift. No Pokemon collection is complete without it. As the slogan says, \'gotta catch em all!\' Why not start with one of the most recognizable Pokemon in the series?
Pokemon Bath Bombs

35. Pokemon Bath Bombs

Because sometimes you just want to take a nice relaxing bubble bath with a toy at the end. These Pokeball-inspired bath bombs will fill your tub with relaxing bubbles, and at the center of each is a small plastic Pokemon figurine to add to your collection.

Do take note, the company produces over 100 different figurines and they are randomly distributed, so you may not receive the exact Pokemon figurine depicted, and you can buy more for your friend to increase their chances of getting more figurines! Also comes with 2 holo cards.

Epic Battle Japanese-Style Poster

36. Epic Battle Japanese-Style Poster

Part of the fun of enjoying something that has been around for so long is seeing how others interpret the series according to their own vision.

This Japanese-inspired wall art depicts a battle between the Legendary Pokemon Ho-oh and Lugia in the style of ancient Japanese artists. The unique take on a familiar scene makes for one of the best gifts to give any Pokemon afficianado and is sure to be well-received.

Charizard Skull

37. Charizard Skull

It is fitting that the final item on a list of Pokemon gifts for adults is also one of the most unique. We've shown you shirts and toys and wall art and even bath bombs and replica Pokemon gear. But nothing else out there will quite generate the look you'll see on your favorite Pokemon fan's face when they open up their gift and see a 3D model of a Charizard skull staring up at them.

This is a 3D printed hand-painted replica of the most famous fire-breathing lizard to come out of the Pokemon world. It's designed to look weathered and aged, like some paleontologist dug it up out of an archaeological dig somewhere in Africa and returned it to your living room just for you to show off. It is utterly unique among Pokemon gifts, and as such is the perfect topper to any Pokmon lover's collection.

The Official Pokemon Encyclpedia

38. The Official Pokemon Encyclpedia

Because sometimes catching 'em all isn't enough. Sometimes you have to know all about 'em all too! The official Pokemon encyclopedia is chock-full of fun Pokemon facts from the show and from the games as well!

Follow Ash Ketchum's journey to become a Pokemon Master, find out the details of the Johto and Kanto regions, and even get a sneak peek of the upcoming Galar region!

Whether you're getting Pokemon gifts for a casual fan who wants to dive a little deeper into the lore, or a mega-fan who already knows this stuff and wants to test their knowledge, this Pokemon encyclopedia is sure to be a great addition to their collection.

Perfect Pokemon Gifts For Adults | FAQs

What to gift someone who loves pokemon?

Sometimes you just want to get something different for the Pokemon fan in your life. After all, anyone can gift a set of trading cards or a pair of Pokemon socks, you're clearly looking for a Pokemon gift idea with a bit more pizzazz.

Clothing & Accessories

For younger fans, a plush toy or keychain is always a popular choice. These make great stocking fillers and are perfect for fans who want something small and adorable. For older fans, Funko Pop! vinyl figures are a great option. They come in a variety of different styles, and there's sure to be one that the fan in your life will love.

How about the gift of their favorite Pokemon on a shirt! Let the Pokemon fan in your life wear with pride their ability to not do things in a timely manner. Like the lazy Pokemon itself, the shirt is sure to get a chuckle.

If you're looking for something a little more stylish, how about some pokemon clothing or accessories? There are plenty of options available, so you can find something to suit any taste. Whether you're looking for a t-shirt, a hat, or a set of earrings, you'll be able to find something that the pokemon fan in your life will love.

Game consoles and games

If the person you're buying for is into gaming, a game console or games may be the perfect gift. Game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One are all popular gifts, and there are a plethora of games to choose from depending on the person's interests. If you're not sure which game console to get, ask the person you're buying for what their favorite game console is. You can also buy gift cards for game stores such as GameStop or Amazon so the person can choose their own games.