55 Best Gifts For First Time Dads

Help make first-time fatherhood a little easier with the help of these gifts for new dads.

New mothers get the lion’s share of attention when it comes to pre-baby gifting but impending fathers need love too! Every new dad knows that fatherhood is intimidating, but keeping a stiff upper lip is crucial – mom needs someone to depend on! But spoiler alert: papa also needs something to depend on too (besides whiskey and cool gadgets for men). Despite the unpredictable future new parents are facing, these new dad to be gifts stand to help dads ease into fatherhood relatively easily. Relatively.

The Ultimate List Of The Best New Dad Gifts

Nest Learning Thermostat

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

One of the hottest gadgets on the market is the Nest Learning Thermostat. The new sleeker, thinner design lights up when you walk by and will tell you the temperature and time, and is proven to save energy. This new dad gift will make him feel at ease while away knowing his baby's room will always be in perfect temp condition.
Coops Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow

2. Coops Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow

Made from Bamboo and Polyester, it's designed to help sleep deep and feel cool through the night. He deserves comfort after many sleepless nights!
Burt's Bees Gift Set

3. Burt's Bees Gift Set

One of the best dad to be birthday gifts, this kit from Burt's Bees. has everything a new dad needs to look and feel fresh for the day. The natural skin care company has made shaving cream, aftershave, body wash, hand salve and lip balm that helps prevent dry skin and leaves him smelling amazing.
Men’s Teething Necklace

4. Men’s Teething Necklace

This masculine take on the established teething necklace style will keep a young teether occupied when being held. This is a great gift for dads-to-be who enjoy throwing on the occasional necklace.
A Visual Journey Through Fatherhood Art Print

5. A Visual Journey Through Fatherhood Art Print

This art print by Veronica Dearly is a hilarious representation life with children. It’s a stylish addition to a study, office or even a nursery.
Sweatpants Dresspants

6. Sweatpants Dresspants

New parents spend a considerable amount of their time in sweats, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. These french terry sweatpants are as soft and cozy as his favorite pajamas with a cut that makes them office appropriate.
El Grande Y La Pequena Shirt + Onesie

7. El Grande Y La Pequena Shirt + Onesie

Para pronto a ser el padre de una niña , una camisa conjunto hija papá juego adorable. (For the soon to be father of a baby girl, an adorable matching daddy/daughter shirt set.)
Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects

8. Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects

Over 25 rainy day, weekend and summer vacation project ideas that’ll get any impending father excited for all the fun the future holds. His first project can be making matching super-hero capes for daddy and baby!
FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

9. FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

The FryDaddy from Pesto is the best electric deep fryer on the market and is both easy to clean and easy to use, making it a very practical new dad gift that he will definitely use often!
GEEK Dad DIY Project Book

10. GEEK Dad DIY Project Book

Today's Dad's love to be tech-savvy and this book is a great way to share that passion with their kids. He might not need this right away but the book is full of fun, creative, and educational projects that he can prepare himself before his baby is old enough to play.
MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

11. MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

For new dads out there who always find themselves working on something in the house, this will become a lifesaver. Use this wristband to keep tools on your wrist while hard at work! Great for holding screws, nails, wrenches and other small tools.
Dad Superpower Burgundy 18 Oz Mug

12. Dad Superpower Burgundy 18 Oz Mug

Almost everyone has the image of their Dad reading the paper and drinking his cup of coffee in the morning, well now imagine him doing it with this fun mug next time. The new dad in your life will feel like an everyday super hero!
Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit

13. Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit

This comes with non-toxic clay and free stencil so you can press your baby's name on the clay - a wonderful baby shower and pregnancy gift new parents can't wait to have!
Instant Date Nights

14. Instant Date Nights

It can be close to impossible for new parents get time to themselves. A four pack of movie ticket gift cards will take the effort out of planning a date night, something Dad will likely appreciate.
Exfoliating Loofah & Back Scrubber

15. Exfoliating Loofah & Back Scrubber

Make sure he cleans every inch of his body with this incredible loofa. It's ideal for cleaning the back, neck, shoulders, feet, and other hard to reach areas. Made from ultra soft cotton, the front side exfoliates and the back side polishes and smooths the skin.
Durable Working Gloves

16. Durable Working Gloves

If the dad in your life likes to get his hands dirty or always works with his hands, they need these FastFit gloves. They keep his hands cool and comfortable and are great to use for maintenance work whether it be at home or work.
Tactical Baby Cooler Pouch

17. Tactical Baby Cooler Pouch

This durable bag made by TBG is extremely well made with thermal insulation to maintain proper temperature for milk, snacks, and other essentials...
Video Enabled Doorbell

18. Video Enabled Doorbell

With Ring, you're always home. This doorbell is motion activated, has two-way audio and amazing wide-angle HD video. Gift him this product so he can access the video from wherever in the world!
Swiss Army Pocket Knife

19. Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Face it… a Leatherman is not enough for a guy. He needs as many on-the-go tools as possible and the Swiss Army Knife is a staple that should be in the man's possession. A great new dad gift!
Classic Stainless Steel Leatherman Tool

20. Classic Stainless Steel Leatherman Tool

A gift that every man should have is a Leatherman multi-tool. Made from stainless steel, these stylish and functional tools will always come in handy. It features 14 different tools like a spring-action needlenose plier, wire stripper, wood/metal file and more.
3-In-1 Air Cleaning System

21. 3-In-1 Air Cleaning System

Another great Christmas gift for first time dads is the 3-in-1 multi-level air cleaning system. Using state-of-the-art technology, it captures allergens, kills airborne viruses and bacteria, and destroys mold and odors to leave any room feeling fresh.
Nature Themed Burp Cloths

22. Nature Themed Burp Cloths

An undervalued tool in the new parent toolkit is a stack of burp cloths. They are multipurpose, portable, and can be a very cute addition to the baby bag. These nature themed cloths are as adorable as they are useful.
Blooming Baby Bathtub

23. Blooming Baby Bathtub

Bath time knows no gender – all babies get filthy! This adorable blooming bathtub is soft, plush and fits in most sinks. The vinyl undersides make cleanup easy, even if washing a wiggling baby is less than.
Baby Bandanna Drool Bibs

24. Baby Bandanna Drool Bibs

This year every cool baby is sporting baby bandannas. They’re an adorable addition to baby’s outfit and they serve a really practical purpose – collecting drool! The best part; they are available in countless colors, patterns and styles. Hands down one of the best baby gifts for dads!
Braun Electric Shave And Charging Station

25. Braun Electric Shave And Charging Station

The electric shaver from Braun uses Sonic technology to use more power to shave the hair in difficult areas and provides a smooth and perfect finish every time, giving him a closer shave than any other shaver.
Jura Z6 Aluminum Espresso Maker

26. Jura Z6 Aluminum Espresso Maker

From beans right to the cup, no espresso maker works as well as this one form Jura. He has his own personal barista as it uses cutting edge technology to deliver all the aroma and taste from the best coffees in the world. A luxury gift for new daddy but he deserves it!
Electric Full Body Massage Chair

27. Electric Full Body Massage Chair

This amazing massage chair from Best Massage features a state-of-the-art heat intelligent roller system that conforms to your body shape and relaxes your muscles and mind. It gives you a massage from your neck down to your toes.
Del Rossa Men's Fleece Robe

28. Del Rossa Men's Fleece Robe

The comfortable, stylish and thick 15-ounce polar fleece robe from fashion leader Alexander Del Rossa will leave him feeling incredible. He'll wake up every morning looking forward to putting on this super soft robe. A wonderful first time dad gift this Christmas!
Digital Photo Frame With Motion Sensor

29. Digital Photo Frame With Motion Sensor

Nix has become the leader in digital frames and they make for great new gifts for daddy. You can play HD video, slideshows, and with the motion sensor technology, when someone walks by, it will display the latest photos or video of his newborn. This would also make a great Father's Day gift!
New Dad Tactical Bag

30. New Dad Tactical Bag

A masculine diaper bag complete with everything a new dad needs, including a camouflage receiving blanket, three different caffeinated snacks, and earplugs. Yep, that’s everything!
Matching Daddy and Baby Cool Slippers

31. Matching Daddy and Baby Cool Slippers

Cute slippers for daddy and baby – because the family that lounges together stays together. Plus, the soft soles of daddy’s slippers will come in handy when it’s time for rocking that newborn back to sleep in the middle of the night.
Portable Photo Printer

32. Portable Photo Printer

Dads take tons of pictures. It’s in the job description. Make the job that much easier with this portable printer but be prepared for framed prints of all their best baby shots when it’s their turn to gift you.
The Walking Dad Mug

33. The Walking Dad Mug

Gift a new dad with a mug that’ll simultaneously remind him that he will never again have a satisfying nights rest and it will be years before he can binge watch his fave zombie show.
Convertible Bike/Tricycle

34. Convertible Bike/Tricycle

Costzon created a travel system that easily converts from jogging tricycle to baby carrying bike. Dad can strap baby in, cruise to the farmer’s market, convert the bike to a stroller and even store his shopping bags beneath the baby’s seat.
Daddy’s First Dad Mug

35. Daddy’s First Dad Mug

If he’s going to need a lot of coffee, or bourbon disguised as coffee, or bourbon and coffee he might as well be drinking from an official Dad mug. Maybe later he can level up to a “Best Dad Ever” mug but that’s really up to the kid.
Baby Carrier Sweater

36. Baby Carrier Sweater

This clever sweater allows dad to forgo the baby carrier all together! Bonus – it’s actually quite stylish as well!
Breaking Dad Sweatshirt

37. Breaking Dad Sweatshirt

They don’t know it yet, but the new baby will break them. Remind him of the time in his life when he had the freedom to watch whatever he wanted, including sagas featuring shady dads, because once baby arrives, that era is over.
BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier One Air

38. BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier One Air

Baby Bjorn has been the baby carrier of choice for decades. While many mothers opt for the womb-like comfort of a wrap, the Bjorn has a structure that many men find most comfortable. This is one of the best new dad gifts from mom this holiday season!
Waxed Canvas Baby Bag

39. Waxed Canvas Baby Bag

This slick bag is ample enough for all his baby needs but simple enough to not scream, “diapers coming through!” It’s clean, masculine cut is perfect for the dad who maybe doesn’t want to carry a loud, candy colored diaper bag. Bonus – waxed canvas wipes clean easily.
Hiking Carrier w/ Sunshade

40. Hiking Carrier w/ Sunshade

Woodsy dads can expose their kids to an outdoorsy lifestyle early with this hiking carrier. The sunshade shields baby’s head and the height gives them a clear view of the trail ahead. The carrier’s ergonomic design also keeps pressure evenly distributed over the parent’s upper body and torso.
Handsome Like Dad Outfit

41. Handsome Like Dad Outfit

Babies arrive in this world looking remarkably similar – smooshed faces, puffy eyes and puckered mouths – but daddy-to-be doesn’t know that yet. Regardless of who the new baby takes after, this cute-as-heck design will be totally relevant.
Grassy Drying Rack

42. Grassy Drying Rack

When mom has her hands full, a task that daddy can easily handle is bottle patrol. Cleaning and drying bottles can be a cute task with this astro-turf style, miniature drying rack - another practical gift new dad will appreciate!
Darth Vader and Son

43. Darth Vader and Son

In the alternate reality created by famed graphic novelist Jeffery Brown, Darth Vader gets to be Luke’s (and in a connecting book, Princess Leia’s) doting father. It’s a cute nod to dad’s childhood and a great way to introduce a new baby to the world of Star Wars.
Dad’s Playbook

44. Dad’s Playbook

Shopping for the ultimate sports-fan/dad-to-be who can’t wait to start spending Sundays watching football with the kiddo? Not any parenting guide is going to work for this guy. Dad’s Playbook is full of fatherly wisdom from the all time greatest coaches; a perfect gift for the sports enthusiast father to be.
Diaper Dude Diaper Bag

45. Diaper Dude Diaper Bag

Mom may have her own polka dot, sparkle, hot pink bag – and dad might be into it – but it’s nice to have a subdued, masculine option for diaper toting as well.
I love You Daddy Board Book

46. I love You Daddy Board Book

Board books are great for introducing little ones to the joys of reading, with the added perk of chewable, non-toxic pages. This particular book promotes father-baby bonding, good reading habits and when inscribed, is a great alternative to a “Congratulations” card.
#Dadlife Coloring Book

47. #Dadlife Coloring Book

Coloring in the hilarious pages of this “manly” coloring book is a constructive, soothing way to decompress after a long day (or night) of fatherly activities.
Baby Bum Diaper Cream Brush

48. Baby Bum Diaper Cream Brush

This ingenious device allows for the smooth application of diaper cream to baby’s bum. It’s so simple, yet totally indispensable. The days of fumbling with dirty diapers and greasy, cream covered fingers is over!
Cordless Screwdriver

49. Cordless Screwdriver

For the first few years of their new baby’s life, dad will be assembling various pieces of miniature furniture and baby-proofing his house. DeWalt’s cordless screwdriver will make those tasks a little easier on his wrists.
Hand-Carved Father and Baby Figure

50. Hand-Carved Father and Baby Figure

Fathers and their babies share a different bond than mothers and babies. This delicate, hand-carved figure reminds dad that even though he’s not mom, he’s still an important part of his child’s life.
Portable Diaper Changing Station

51. Portable Diaper Changing Station

Sometimes a bulky diaper bag is just overkill. When all you need to do change a diaper, digging through spare bottles, socks, sunscreen and all the other diaper bag necessities is just a waste of energy. Keep this portable station either in or adjacent to the bag and avoid the hassle.
Baby Bullet Baby Food System

52. Baby Bullet Baby Food System

When mom is tuckered out, it’s nice for dad to take the lead on feeding the baby. The Baby Bullet is great for quickly blending up formula, soft cereals, and eventually, baby first solid foods.
The Happiest Baby on the Block

53. The Happiest Baby on the Block

A great dad to be birthday gift, The Happiest Baby on the Block is required reading for every new parent. It’s this generation’s Dr Spock’s Baby and Child Care. Make sure it lands in the new dad’s library and he’ll make sure you land on the Christmas card list.
World’s Okayest Dad T-shirt

54. World’s Okayest Dad T-shirt

Let’s be honest, a “best dad” title is earned from children, not baby shower attendees. Be real with the father-to-be, but let him know it’s just a temporary title…hopefully.
Be Prepared New Dad Handbook

55. Be Prepared New Dad Handbook

This clever handbook is full of anecdotes, tips, games and advice for the new father. It’s laid out much like a boy scout’s handbook, making it a great gift for the outdoorsy, woodsy type of new father. Badges not included.

New Dad Gifts | Buying Guys

If you're not sure what to get the new dad in your life, our list should give you some ideas. But always remember that the most important thing is to show your support and love for the new dad, no matter what gift you choose to give him.

Perfect Gifts for the New Baby

A new baby is a blessing and it's always exciting to give a gift to the little one.

For newborns, some great gifts include clothes, blankets, books, and toys. You could also give the parents a gift certificate to a baby store or online retailer. If you're not sure what to get, ask the parents for suggestions. They'll probably be happy to receive any gift that helps them take care of their new baby.

Thoughtful Gifts For the New Dad

Giving a gift to a new dad is a great way to show your support and congratulations. There are many different gifts to choose from, so you're sure to find something that the new dad will love

Father's Day gifts are always a popular choice for new dads. Some suggestions include golf clubs, a watch, or a gift certificate to a men's clothing store.

If the new dad is a foodie, a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant or bar is sure to please.

If the new dad is into gadgets, why not buy him something new and exciting? Try a GoPro camera or a Kindle Fire tablet.

If the new dad is into fitness, a membership to a local gym or a set of weights might be just the thing.